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Madhubala 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay telling RK and Madhu to give Falguni’s property and jewellery to her which she got from her first marriage. They get shocked. Sanjay says I m asking this not for me, but for her, if anything happens to me, her future can be secure. RK says fine, you will get four times whats her property here. Sanjay is happy with their reply and says I want the marriage to be simple. Agni and Leela hear this and try to make the simple marriage extraordinary. RK and Madhu does the arrangements. Leela mixes some powder in mahendi and says Falguni’s hands will burn with this mahendi, then she will get fever and will go to hospital. Agni says this is not right and smiles. Leela says she would have mixed this in uptan too and she would have not shown her face to anyone and laughs.


asks Dau ji why is she upset. Dau ji says I wanted to keep the Sehra on your head but you came married, I could not fulfill my dream of doing your marriage. RK says you do my children’s marriage. Dau ji asks him to say how did his marriage happen. RK gets sad and says when I got married, my mind was of 7 years old kid, I did not know I m marrying, I was told there was a game going on, Madhu did not know, she felt she is marrying someone else. Dau ji is stunned. Agni and Leela take the mehendi out.

Leela and Agni come to Falguni and see her in colored clothes. Leela says I will apply mahendi to you and Bhabhi smiles giving her hand. Leela wears a hand mask. Madhu cokes and says wait and brings the shagun mahendi which Sanjay has sent. The mahendi falls on Agni’s clothes and Agni uses her hand to clean it. Leela gets worried and takes her. Dau ji says this is strange marriage, don’t you think the pheras in marriage are feelings for lifetime, you did not feel that happiness, I have something in my heart, see mandap is here, you and Madhu also marry once again now, and make the love knot more strong.

RK thinks. Dau ji says I m running my imagination, but whats going to think. I feel happy thinking this. He asks RK to think he is taking the rounds with Madhu when Falguni and Sanjay marry and he will be happy. RK thinks of his marriage. Agni shouts and says its burning. Leela says I know, what did you do, what was the need to touch it, as you knew what I mixed in it.

Madhu applies mahendi to Bhabhi. RK comes and sees her crying. He asks her not to cry and asks will she forget them after going to in laws house. He asks her to smile. Madhu blesses her. RK calls Madhu to talk. Dau ji is restless and says when happiness comes in our life, it comes with a problem. If Bhanu comes and spoils everything…… He prays to Lord and says I was not afraid when I had guns in my hand, but today I m scared, I m doing some good work today, let this happen well.

Madhu says she can’t marry again. He says its about Dau ji’s dream, we also did not know about our marriage. I did not even know that I was getting married. She says I don’t want to raise questions on my marriage. RK says you married Raju, not Raja, I will promise you I will get everything hard earned from my hardwork, this house is of Abhay and even Dau ji’s property is of drugs, I want to marry you to give you seven promises in all my senses and keeps his hand on the head. He says I will do the pure money and everything to my child, without any cheat and duping anyone.

Hum hai deewane…………….plays………….. He asks will you agree. She nods yes. He says you will become my bride again and I will fill sindoor on your Maang and we will start a new life. Madhu and RK smile seeing each other. Dau ji welcomes the pandit. RK teases him. Madhu hugs her bridal clothes and thinks of her marriage and RK’s words. Tara comes and says Falguni is not ready and Sanjay called that he left from home, lets go and make her ready.

Madhu asks her why did she not put sindoor in her Maang. Tara says the man who beat up Dau ji and tried to kill him, who tried to ruin this house, why the sindoor of his name, he does not exist for me. Madhu says I know your pain, when a husband falls in his wife’s eyes, but you have to put sindoor and look happy, as we can’t tell Sanjay’s family like this. She says if not, then we will have to tell everyone, that’s why please…….. Tara says yes, the truth will come out one day, then why not today. Madhu says today is for Falguni, she is starting a new life, it has to be done happily.

She gives sindoor to Tara and Tara fills it. Madhu smiles. Tara holds her hand and face and says you worry a lot for us and this family’s respect and wishes her happiness in her new life too.

RK tells Madhu that lets go and close the door together. They does that and stand together looking at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raja and madhu going to marry again wow many marriages in mob plz don’t end our fav serial madhubala we r unable to forget rk madhu if mob ends we always think about mob and cry remembering memories of rajbala and rishbala so plz think of us and drop the decision to end madhubala

  2. this is too much! i hate Leela.

  3. They r going 2marrry again like rishbala…….
    awesome …….

  4. I heard udan is coming to replace madubala dont end madubala


  6. wherz the epi of today yaaaar

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