Madhubala 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK comes to bed while Madhu is sitting sadly on her side of the bed..! RK says that he knows Madhu wants to tell him something ..right? Madhu looks at him! RK says.. dunno if she observed or not. .but he has seen Madhu defending Sultan.. but today first time she said ill of him ..why? What did he say? Madhu says RK was right about Sultan and she was wrong! She says that Sultan said . .RK snatched everything from him ..his soul . .his life. .his heart.. his happiness and.. n RK asks and? Madhu is quiet.! RK says.. .HER (Madhu)! Thats what he said? RK smirks and says.. he is too funny .. too funny ..! RK has crushed the glass in his hand.s..! Madhu checks his hand and RK says no injury . .no wound.. not from the glass not from Sultans words..! RK says.. Sultan was thinking Madhu is part

of his destiny ..! Madhu says will get meds! RK says.. no ones destiny is that strong that it will take Madhu away from him .. she is made for him..! He says.. if she was written in someone elses destiny ..he did have fought to get her in his life.. break all make her his.. coz.. she is his.. only his..! Madhu says .. ,know that..! RK says. .would have fought..coz.. he is the kind .. who if he likes the moon ..will break it. .and put in his heart.. and go around.! Madhu asks..why saying all this.. she knows.. no matter what he was or is. .he would have been a nut. .an idiot.. ishq wale love ko dua wale raat.. ko ..mujhe hi pate..! RK says.. no matter what he would he.. he would have drunk ..scotch. .or rye..! RK says so he does not need to worry about Ashiq Pistoli .. so why give him so much respect..!

Madhu hugs RK ..!

Sultan is on phone Dips ..n she says told u this plan wont work n Sultan says din ask ur view n Dips a fact he is not seeing.. that Chawl bala err Madhubala.. dunno what trick she has played on RK. .! RK who never listens to anyone bend before Madhu n followed her words. he wont come! Sultan says.. totally sure. RK will come.. for sure..! Dips says.. so what to say ..his faith won? Sultan says.. to call when RK starts from there! Dips says..wanna know ur plan but Sultan cuts call..! Dips says..crooked guy . .who cares.. that Chawl bala. wont come in grip of seedhe people..!

Its early morning and Sultan is shown standing at the cliff behind Sitara studio where RKs set is put up ..! He is holding a gun..!n grinding his teeth..! He turns around and jumps from the tower on which he was standing..! Sultan walks n comes to stop in front of RKs poster. .movie name. . VINASH …! Sultan fumes.. and looks at his gun .. he points at RKs poster and fires a shot at his face.. firs on his head then neck..! Right then RK wakes up ..and recollects Madhus words.. of what Sultan told her ..! RK says. . Madhu is mine.. no doubt on it but the person who is thinking of separating them is still alive. .so cant accept that..! RK says.. its time .. time for decision on Sultans ! RK gets up and sees Madhu holding his hand..! He quietly removes his hand from hers and says.. i will be back Madhu..! RK comes to the table and takes out his gun ..! He looks at the gun and then bullets…and grinds his teeth!

Dips watches RK walk out of the mansion and says.. underestimated Sultan ..but seems his plan is succeeding! She calls Sultan and tells him that RK has started from home..! RK is shown driving towards Sitara studio..! Sultan says.. she has to do what he told her to do…! RK recollects meeting Sultan.. first time.. at Madhus chawl .and all other incidences after that..! Sultan says hurry up . .hurry..cant wait any longer..! Dips watches Madhu sleeping n smirks..! She thinks of strangling Madhu .. but stops herself..and says.. one strong hit and she is out of RKs life..!

RK reaches the spot ..! RK and Sultan walk towards each other glaring at each other..!

Part 2

RK says.. what a place for meeting. .his movie set.. and meeting here? RK says.. have shot here before… and movie name.. Khuda Hafeez! Sultan says he likes this place as its sunset point ..! Sultan says perfect spot to see sun setting! RK says he knew Madhu wont come n Sultan says.. knew RK would come! RK says.. bahut kameene nahi ho? Sultan says. .kameenapan to khoon mein hai ..aur khoon to tumhara aur mera ek hai. . BHAI ..!! RK glares at Sultan..!

Part 3

Dips backs up a bit.and says..hope this works and rushes to her and says.. get up . RK .. ! Madhu gets up and asks what? Dips says.. saw him leaving the mansion and he was saying .. he will kill Sultan! Madhu says.she is lying . RK promised he wont..! Dips says.. look around RK is not around! Madhu calls out to RK ..! Dips says.. he in his fury listens to no one.. Madh usays she is lying! Dips says… told u.. now dun wanna believe ur call! Madhu tries RKs cell ..goes unanswered! Madhu asks Bittu about RK b ut he has no idea..! Dips watches from afar. n says.. CUT! Shoot OVER! Madhu panics..!

RK says..what does he call himself. Mumbai ka Sultan but deeds so cheap… keeping bad evey on peoples anme. .property .. family parents n wives! Sultan asks..why he only ahs right ot snatch? Sultan says kismat aur kudra.. tab tak aachi lagti hai jab tak kabu me rehti ha ..

Sultan asks RK how does it feel to see the ground on which he is standing turn to a mess and how does it feel to be called NAJAYAZ?? RK glares at Sultan..while Sultan smiles back..!

Precap — Madhu rushes to RK n hugs him ..! Sultan picks up the gun n Bittu scraems chief.. ! RK rushes to Sultan to stop him and as Sultan points gun to RK ..RK turns his hand back ! Madhu watches panicked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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