Madhubala 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th January 2013 Written Update

It starts with RK saying that here we will get married. Madhu gets happy. RK says that We will go for sure but before going I want to join something between us who will witness this air, clouds, fire, water, land. And when all these thing sbe there tab tak ou love will be there. RK says that we will do the chakkars.

RK, madhu taking rounds and 1st pheras that wife will take care of husbands food. 3rd phera, will follow the truth only, RK says that we are leaving the money, not going to earn money. RK comes forward and says that the 4th phera will be taking care of both husband and wife family. RK says that I want to confess here that you are not my first wife. Madhu gets shocked. RK says that 11 weddings were there onscreen now its first time offscreen. Madhu smiles. Madhu says now the 5th phera. RK stops her and says We will complete all pheras according to the rituals. Madhu says but I want to take pheras again and again with you. RK says that I had given lots of pain to you but now I want to do all acc to rituals. Madhu RK hug.

Back to chawl. Pado making tea for radha. Pado says when we get alot of happiness all together we get scared of loosing them. Pado says that I will never change my decision for this wedding but I am scared of what will happen when ballu will come back again. Then what will I do if he gets to know that I am alive and what if he wants to apologise his mistake to me then what will I say to him. Radhaji says that what are you saying. How will you forgive that person who did so much with you and your children. Flashbacks. She says that its our mistake that we are always scared of loosing our own people and for this they enjoy and turns our life accordinglh. How can you think that he is your husband. pado says that I only remember my kids only, thats it. Radhaji says that this darr, you have to leave this too. She says you will never accept him again and never forgive him. They hug.

RK mansion. Madhu wonders that the sangeet will happen here in this house, RK says that whats the problem this is your house and we can do the sangeet here, and I appear as a stone man but I am not. Madhu says that you are my sweet sa laddoo which I can eat. RK says that why are you planning to have a sweet shop here. And dont call me sweet again

Part 2

Madhu brings some saaree and tells RK to choose one which I will wear for the sangeet. She shows the saree and RK avoids every saree. RK plays the song on his phone. Husan ke lakhon rang… RK gives looks to Madhu, madhu smiles and starts again with showing her saree. RK still playing the song. Madhu wants to stop it, But RK doesnt. RK finally does.

Madhu says that now you had rejected all the sarree now what will I wear. Blouse and the patikot RK smiles and says that If there were guest not coming then I would have told you to come like this. Madhu RK close. Madhu pats RK and says chadoo.

Part 3

Rk brings a saree for her and says that wear this saree, this is good for you. RK says that trust me you should wear clothes of that persons choice who thinks that there is nothing beautiful than her. Madhu says how sweet and pulls her cheeks and says my gulab jamun. RK gets irritated and says that you again back with your sweet shop. RK says that call me anything, but not sweet. Madhu says what can I do if you are sweet. RK wars her. Madhu says ok. She comes back again and says sweet and starts running. RK runs behind her and finally both fall on the bed. RK Madhu eyelock!!

Episode ends!!

Precap: RK says now if you say sweet one more time I will confess my feelings towards you infront of all the people. Madhu says that I can do this too. But you will say it before me

Update Credit to: Dimple

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