Madhubala 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is stammering! AK breaks her glasses and walks backwards! Madhu tries to explain but AK walks off! Pam tells her its ok! Madhu says have interview for my job..can i leave? She asks u want it really? Madhu says.. yes.. but guess mite lose it..! Pam says wait..maybe we will appoint u! She asks Madhu to wait outside in the corridor! She tries to convince AK that its a coincidence! AK says face and name too? Pam says look at her carefully …what do u think? She says in world many people look relax! Annie asks how long is this gonna go on? She says ur over reacting on a small thing.. and for God’s sake u urself committed to give that girl a job and if u backtrack …u will be defamed in media! Pam says Annie is right.. u need to! AK says i love you

and respect u and i know u will think only good for me but this girl …reminds me of.. n Annie adds.. dad …n of what happened with him! Pam asks Annie to leave..!

AK checks her CV while Madhu introes herself to Pam ..her name.. her background! She asks if Madhu is related to Madhubala kundra? Madhu says no.. only face is similar..! She says my Dida says 7 people have similar face ..! Pam says ur qualifications are perfect.. u can be AK’s P.A … Madhu stammers..! She thanks Pam …and says my PK .. n Pam says u can leave..! AK looks at her as Madhu thanks him and walks off..!

Madhu is outside on the road n says without specs even ricks look like trucks..! Madhu’s cell rings and she says will drop all certis at ur place and asks for salary and is delighted to hear it..! Madhu tells rick driver Krishna temple..! Pam asks AK what do u think. .only face matches? AK says if Madhu was RKs daughter.. due to whom dad .. n stops himself n says.. if she were ..would have destroyed her forever ..! Pam gives AK the address of Madhus home.. for background check..!

Madhu prays to PK at temple n says.. jo hum dil se chahe.. agar woh na mile to hume usse bhi aachi naukri mil jati hai..! Madhu thanks him for giving her the job and that too at AK’s..! Madhu says one more thing for which i wanna apologize…! She rues that i lost ur idol ..! In the background, AKs Bebe is doing abhishek of it..! Pandit hands the idol to Bebe..! Madhu is walking backwards and runs into Bebe and she drops the plate..! She apologizes and says my specs are broken … so.. picks it and gives her..! She says.. its how it was ..! Bebe says.. if u wanna keep the world safe.. get Madhu her specs fast..! Madhu says ur amazing. .today needed my Didas blessings.. n takes Bebes blessing.. says sorry to her…and leaves..!

AK and Pam arrive at Madhus place aka Lela’s home..! She says u sit here.. lemme go check ..! Pam rings the doorbell and Sweetie opens..! Lela says am from census department..! Sweetie says so decked up? She says.. yes.. its my birthday..! Now please answer .. how many family members… Sweetie says.. 4 of us and 1 more . .maid.. who lived in Mathura..! Sweetie asks why ur parents are keeping her here? Pam says we need to keep info of strangers as crime is too high..! Sweetie says.. if u wanna know more about it.. go check her luggage in her room! Pam says yes.. wanna check..! Sweetie shows her pic of Madhu with Dadi and says.. so Pam says so this Madhu is not connected with that Madhu!

AK wonders if there is some drama.. behind this? After 20 years the Same face.. name.. standing in front of me..who is this girl?

Part 2

Madhu is standing outside AK’s car and Sunny comes n blocks the view..! Sunny asks how was ur day? Madhu shows her broken glasses! Right then Pam walks out and Madhu doesnt notice her! She says all is clear… both Madhu’s have nothing in common ..! Bittu is walking towards his home …! AK says how there can be same face and name.. agree they have no connect.. please cant we appoint someone else? Pam says… press agar peeche pad jae to kabhi peechan nahi chorti ..! Esp of Actors and politicians… already secretary has created so much drama.. so..! AK relents! Bittu walks by AKs car…and they dun notice..each other!

Part 3
Madhu tells Sunny …why do i call u bhaiyaa.. ur younger! Madhu says.. only one star… AK … am his PA..! Sunny says so proud of u…! She says Bittu will be so happy! Sunny says.. no dun u dare tell him . .he hates AK! Madhu asks why? Whole world loves him! Sunny says..there is something.. asked him many times. .but..! Madhu asks Bittu hates him . ..why? Sunny says.. havent seen AKs movies with him..! Madhu says.. there must be some reason..! Sunny says..yes..there is some reason .. Bittu just explodes hearing his name! He asks Madhu not to tell anyone about her job..! Bittu comes and asks what job? Where did u get the job? Madhu stammers..! Sunny says… P.A’s job! Bittu asks when u joining? Sunny says from tomorrow! Bittu thanks God..! Wishes her well for her first success..! Bittu offers to make something special for Madhu ..! Madhu asks why did u lie Sunny? Sunny says.. u came here for earning money for treatment of ur Dida.. people here spend lifetime getting good job. .now.. focus on doing a gud job at ur work…! Madhu feels guilty ..for lying so much!

Precap — Annie says to Pam.. am glad that the P.A’s face is similar to Madhus.. everytime AK sees her.. he will feel guilty and suffer.. coz he deserves it..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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