Madhubala 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu walks inside the temple towards the idol as rats keep biting and scratching her feet..! Her face is crinkled in pain ..but Madhu offers the prasad and does the chant..! Dips and Pabho are shocked..! Madhu says Bappa give me strength for that love which is greater than my own life.. give me strength. .courage! BG – Hauslo se veer hun! Dips asks why is she not running!! Madhu says.. today u have to support me.. wont leave my side right? Simmys mom tails RK and asks him to give Simmy a role..! RK says given role to Madhu as heroine! Simmys mom says ur wife is good as heroine but think of Simmy ..! She says Simmy was ur first choice! Simmy says..all was coz of the allergy! RK says Simmy was part of the movie..earlier. .but that incident changed all..! Madhu chants the mantra

as Rats keep biting ..! Pabho is shocked..and Dips is stunned..! Dips says…accept defeat and run! Sparking starts at the electric panel at RKs studio! Simmys mom says think of something.. as we have bragged to all that Simmy is working with RK..! RK says will talk to Mehul that Simmy can be given a role..! The electric cables are on fire! Simmys mom big will be Simmys role.. what will be costume.. hairstyle..make up! Simmy says.. wont cut my hair! Simmys mom says RK will manage all.! RK says whatever is to be done.. Bittu will tell ..! He says gotta get ready..wait outside..! Simmys mom says sure.. but they dun move..! RK walks off! Dips says.. its over.. seems Madhu has some connect with Bappa..she wont accept defeat..! Pabho says Madhu has to do the chant 10001 times.. so wait..! The fire spreads and all things in the studio are on fire..! RK is shocked..! Pabho says this nivaran wont be complete.. and i wont let it.! Simmys mom faints seeing the fire.. RK and Simmy help her to sit..! RK keeps looking around the fire..! The rats slowly move away..! RK calls for spot..! Bittu runs and asks to put the fire out..! A rat bites Dips and she screams. Pabho says to keep mum ..!

Fire extinguisher is used to set the fire out! Dips says Madhu is chanting the mantra.. constantly..! Dips says Madhu wont stop..! RK stares at the burnt out part of the studio ..! Madhu completes her chant! Dips says Madhu won this time! Pabho walks off angrily! Madhu is in tears and thanks Bappa for his support and prays to him to save RK from all troubles..and keep him safe..! Bittu asks how did the fire start? RK says no idea. .maybe my mistake..! Bittu says thankfully fire din spread.. Bappa has blessed u .! Mehul says happens.. we can shoot dance next day..! RK says no must go on .. and he goes to change! All say Bappa ki Jai and Mehul and all clap for RKs spirit..and dedication..! RK smiles at Mehul ..and goes to change! Madhus feet is badly bruised and she prays to Bappa and leaves from the jungle.. albeit walking with difficulty..!

Cop sees the damage and asks who came here first? Simmys mom says we.. saw the whole thing was on fire..and i screamed..! Simmys mom couldnt let RKs studio burn! Simmy says.. when did she shout? She fainted ..! RK says i came first..! Studio electrician says.. this fire has been caused by sabotage..! All are shocked..! Simmys mom wonders who did this? Insuarance agent says.. so this wasnt an accident .. so cant give compensation..! Bittu says there is damage here.. then why not! Insuarance agent per Act we have to determine the cause and reason.. maybe someone has done deliberately.! Cop agrees! Bittu says why will we do this? We too wuld loose money ..! RK walks off! Bittu tells them that we should get the money in time.. thats it and walks off..!

RK is about to drink and Mehul says Sharab bahana nahi Vaja honi chahiye! RK says so the guy who drinks is giving me advice? Mehul says i work ..when its time to work and drink ..after shoot! Mehul says i know accident happens ..! RK says do u keep ur ears close? RK says did u hear.. this was sabotage! Mehul says.. its shoot time ..Madhu isnt here? RK says. .by 10am..she will come! Mehul says good expressions.. remember this… when Anamika leaves u in the movie..u have to have this expression! Mehul walks off saying .. dun worry will remind u if u forget..! RK says.. people speak right things of him. .he is crazy..!

Part 2

Choreo teaches RK the steps and tells him to focus. .and give sharp moves..its all about footwork! RK says ok ..! Simmys mom says this RK..could he not have waited a while.. his wife had sent the chocolates.. m sure she did deliberately..! RK asks for another take and choreo says .. to focus! Simmys mom says if u need a heroine to help .. Simmy is here.. since its duet dance..! Choreo agrees to the idea..and says rehearse with her and when Madhu comes..she can catch up..!

Part 3

Choreo asks to start the rehearsal ..and Simmy tries to close in too much..! RK fumes..! Simmys mom asks spot to bring juice for her.. n says the girl dancing with RK is my go get what i asked..! She sips the juice and screams ..this is fresh?? Go get fresh juice and sandwich for me..and soft drink for Simmy! RK watches and fumes..! Madhu reaches the studio ..! Her feet is badly bruised and she walks limping ..!Driver talks of showing doc first but Madhu says its 10am and have a dance sequence to shoot.. so..! RK keeps rehearsing..! Spot says Madhu is here! RK-Madhu smile looking at each other..! Madhu tries to hide the limp in her walk..! Roma says ur in time..! Simmys mom taunts her.. saying so late to come.. so much happened..! Where were u? Madhu asks what happened? RK says shot sequence is ready.. go get ready..! Madhu says fine..! She keeps walking with a smile..! Roma senses something and goes to check..! RK calls out to her and tells her not to tell Madhu anything about the fire..! Roma asks why? RK says dun wanna trouble her..!

Precap —- Roma asks Madhu what are these bruises..what happened? How? Madhu says went to temple to pray for RK .. there got bruised..! Roma says gotta tell this to RK..! Madhu stops her and says no.. u wont tell her anything..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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