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The Episode starts with Madhu calling out Dau ji. Dau ji comes and sees RK. He tries to wake up him and shakes him. RK gets up and asks what happened, why are you worried. Madhu is relieved. RK says I was sleeping. She says no, you were not sleeping, I checked your nerve, it was not running, and then I did not hear the heartbeat. RK says come Dau ji, listen it. Dau ji hears it and says heartbeat is running. RK jokes. Madhu says I m saying the truth. RK leaves with Dau ji. Madhu says my eyes can’t get cheated, how can this happen, that I did not hear his heartbeat, something wrong is happening.

Sanjay Sharma calls Dau ji and says Madhu might have told you about Falguni’s proposal. Dau ji says you were coming today. Sanjay says yes, I called you to take permission. Dau ji asks about his mum. Sanjay

says she is unwell, so we are in hurry. Dau ji says yes, come, if you like her, we will talk. RK comes and Dau ji tells him that Sanjay called and is coming. He likes him after talking to him, if everyone agree then we will take the talk ahead. RK calls everyone and says Sanjay is coming to see Bhabhi. Madhu says he is elder, call him Sanjay ji. Bhabhi smiles and leaves. Agni says I will make her ready.

Leela and Agni come to Bhabhi. Agni taunts her. Leela says we should know about Sanjay first. She says use all cream and powder, look good to him. Agni says Dau ji says no need to try, let her fate work. She asks Bhabhi to get ready in the saree and look good so that Sanjay sees only her. Bhabhi says I will go as I m. Agni says are you mad, we have bear you like this, this guy is of city, don’t be of village, learn the Mumbai rules, if he leaves you after marriage, you won’t be of anywhere then. They leave from her room. Bhabhi cries.

Madhu asks Bhabhi to get ready. Bhabhi says I don’t want to marry. Madhu says you aare thinking you love everyone here, but they will be happy seeing you happy. She says everyone is respecting me now, Dau ji made me his daughter, you regard me your sister and if they treat me like servants then. Madhu asks how do you think so. Bhabhi says Agni and Leela also think so. Madhu understands and says we all know one day we all have to die, so it does mean we become afraid and stop living. This is the beauty of life, you have bear all sufferings, now you will have only happiness, go and get ready. We will see if anything happens.

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Bhabhi says I will go in this clothes, if he likes me then fine. Madhu says your simplicity is your beauty and I m sure he will love you, lets go. RK sees Dau ji sad and asks him the reason. Dau ji says I was missing my son, my son died and now I m doing Falguni’s bidaai, she used to remind me of him, now if she goes, I will not miss him. RK says she will come here often. Dau ji says but Sanjay has to like her. RK says he will, why not. Sanjay comes and RK welcomes him.

Sanjya greets Dau ji by touching his feet and Dau ji blesses him. RK introduces Agni, Leela and Tara. Dau ji asks why did he come alone. Sanjay says my mum is on bed and Papa takes care of her, I m their only son. Agni says it means a small family, do you work. Sanjay says I have import export business and have two showrooms. Agni and Leela are shocked. Leela thinks Madhu has brought such good proposal for Bhabhi, not for Sweety, if I don’t get this guy for Sweety, then see.

Madhu brings Bhabhi there. RK introduces her to Sanjay. Madhu says she is Falguni, simple. Sanjya smiles. Leela says Falguni is simple village girl, she is not fashionable and illiterate. If you want a fashionable girl, leave her and see someone else. Sanjay says simplicity is in the best. Madhu smiles. Sanjay says when she comes to my home, no one can challenge her. Leela says fine, but do you want dowry, tell us now. Sanjay says we have everything given by Lord, I don’t want anything.

Leela says you understand me, everyone wants money. Sanjay says yes, but I want money earned by my hardwork, but by others. Falguni smiles. RK says glad meeting you. Dau ji says its good we are getting a son in law like you. Sanjay says can I talk to Falguni in private. RK says yes, go. Dau ji asks whats this. RK says this happens in today’s times. Sanjay comes in Falguni’s room to talk to her and she is super tensed. He says you look tensed, see I did not come to scare you, and not to question wrong, I wanted to ask are you ready for this marriage.

He says you are quiet, it means you are not ready for marriage. He says fine and starts leaving. She stops him saying Suniye……. He smiles and says thank God, that you can atleast speak. He says so now tell me are you ready for this marriage. She nods yes. He says so lets go out now. Sanjay touches Dau ji’s feet and hugs him. Everyone smile. Madhu hugs Falguni Bhabhi. Agni shows Sanjay their home and Leela comes. Agni tries to make Sanjay change his mind and does acting with Leela.

Leela says Agni, tell Dau ji not to do injustice with such an honest man. Agni asks what. Leela says Falguni is Dau ji’s bahu and has all the property, so it will be her property and will have to give half property to Sanjay. Agni says yes, I will talk to Dau ji to give all property to Sanjay. Sanjay says its good you told me, thanks, don’t talk to Dau ji, I will talk to Madhu about this. He leaves and Agni and Leela laugh. RK asks Madhu what does she want to talk to us in private. Sanjay comes to them and says I don’t know how to say, you may take me wrong. RK says tell us frankly. Madhu looks at Sanjay.

Sanjay says I don’t want dowry and Falguni should get her rights from her first marriage, like her jewllery and property. Madhu and RK are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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