Madhubala 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

KRK says that he came to meet (his) KRKs mom …but din get time to explain to Madhu ..

He says that on his way to meet RK in jail ..he was filled with hate.. he says.. how cops told him KRKs story. .of struggle.. n how his mom sent him to city to become an elder person

Madhu asks how did he find out his mom was here..! KRK says.. cops told him! He says.. wanted to tell her truth ..but din have the heart..

Madhu says.. so wanna take her to our place? KRK says no..she came to meet her son. .met me n left..! Madhu apologizes for her outburst..! KRK says its understandable..! Madhu says we need to trust each other n KRK says have a way for this..

Next day morning.. KRK and Madhu arrive at Bhind jail ..! Madhu asks why we here? KRK says.. to clear out the

misunderstanding that.. i m ur RK … n the one in jail is KRK ..!

In jail .. RK has written Madhu all over the cell .. n suddenly realizes Madhu is here…! He calls out … ! He looks down n right then Madhu steps in the light n walks towards him … RK is delighted ..!~He says knew my love wuld lead u here…

Madhu glares at him..! KRK comes in light n smirks.. ! RK fumes on KRK … n says.. this is the one who snatched all from me…! RK tells Madhu am ur RK ..! KRK shows the tattoo … RK shows his tattoo..

KRK says.. no limits to how low u stoop??? He claps n says.. no stone unturned to copy me… RK says am ur RK …! Madhu says quiet… ! She fumes on him n says thot u wuld realize ur mistake.. Madhu praises KRK for meeting his mom …

KRK asks Madhu to let it be. .n they head off … ! RK fumes n says dun touch my wife.. ! They turn to leave n RK says. .biwi tumhe hamare pyar ki kasam ..

Part 2

Madhu says wanna talk to RK .. ! KRK says.. leave it.. lets go..! He says.. he is fooling u..! RK says.. KRK is fooling u all …listen to me..RK says.. KRK can be like me..but cant be me… gimme a chance..! KRK leads Madhu away.. BG – Tere bin! Madhu is sleepless..  ! KRK asks the matter n Madhu says.. couldnt recognize … RK …for a moment.. was mistaken RK in jail cell says .. u feel bad for me..RK eats jail food n says.. seeing Madhu courage.. to fight now..! He asks for more food..Madhu asks KRK to sleep by her side..! KRK says early shift .. have to rehearse.. ! Madhu says.. no probs..!

Precap — Bittu asks whre is RK? Madhu wonders what is up? Where is he? KRK comes with tilak on his head n Madhu is shocked

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Nobody remember when RK was wounded,it left some marks. Why Madhu’s character suddenly got so stupid???? She cannot tell the difference between her husband and a person from nowhere??? I can’t watch this sharade anymore !!!!!

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