Madhubala 16th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 16th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips says.. Madhu hasnt lost teeth yet… She warns Madhu that she will have to pay for this n Madhu says. ..she has nothing left..! Madhu apologises to the parlour owner!

Media come at the parlour .. .! Madhu faces the camera..! They keep asking about RK ..n their marriage..! Madhu says.. they were married.. n living as a couple …but!! Media ask if it was a stunt?? Madhu says…she is a simple girl.. he a superstar.. n they live separately..! Madhu says.. the love in the relation ended..! She says…at times people forget real from reel.. n God forget to say cut scene goes on..! Madhu leaves from there..!

Bittu comes at Paddos place..asks for Madhu! Paddo says..she will come by evening but Madhu arrives n says..she quit..! Bittu tells

Madhu that he has quit his job! He cries.. saying.. no one can stay with him after what RK did! Madhu says.. its not right..! Bittu says.. he used to work for a person.. n relation.. not superstar..! Madhu asks him to resume.. but Bittu refuses! Madhu insists saying.. RK will break without Bittu.. so..n then requests Bittu as a sister to listen to her..! Bittu agrees! She asks to promise he wont forget her. .n he agrees. .n shakes hand!

Radha is delighted to see Bittu back.. n tells how RK screamed out for Madhu..! She says..they have to reunite Rishbala.. ! Bittu says..not now..! Radha says.. now itself.. so that the love blossoms between Rishbala! Media people call up Dips n thank her for giving them tip about Madhu..!

RK is on the phone n chides them for troubling him..! He sees Bittu ‘Subah ke bittu ji.. agar shaam ko laut aaye to unhe Bittu ji nahi.. Buddhu ji kehte hain’! Bittu says sorry! RK taunts.. him for realising his worth..! He calls security .. Bittu says sorry ..! Radha recommends Bittu..! RK relents..!

Dips is working out watching TV. Madhus interview.. n RK overhears..! Dips comments saying.. how will Madhu say.. that RK took revenge..! RK stays mum..! Dips hugs RK n says.. that seems his CHAWL-bala.. is missing him! RK picks up Dips in his arms n Dips says..she remembers..this moment.. then kissing.. touching.. n RK throws Dips on her bed n splashes water on her face..! RK says.. only he has right.. to hate.. take revenge.. or ridicule his ex-wife..!

Part 2

The TV is on n Madhu is watching but Paddo shuts off..! Paddo tells Madhu that she has learnt to fight n win.. ! Madhu takes out her red saree n Paddo offers to throw it. . Madhu stops her…puts mangalsutra on the saree ..!

Madhu says..these have value n meaning.. so cant insult it.. hence better not touch it..!

Part 3

Trish-Paddo ask her to get rid of it. .but she says..she needs them.. as it will make her stronger.. n the memory of this deception will help her move ahead!

Precap — BG- Beinteha..! RK is shooting.. on Valentine day .. n Madhu is on the same set.. n comes in front of RK all of a sudden..! The cloth piece falls on RK-Madhu…! All watch surprised!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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