Madhubala 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Pabho asks RK the matter? He says ..magic..that he got an ideal wife.. Pabho asks him to get ready!

Dips calls Pabho and says reached there..! She asks Dips to be ready.. Madhu is on her way and she is reaching too..! Dips tells the helpers to ready the temple like its real one…

They leave a bunch of rats near the temple! Driver asks Madhu if this is the place she wants to go.. it doesnt look like it..

Kuku tells maintenance person that work should be such no one suspects foul play and pays the guy some money..! He enters Sitara Studio n says am electrician.. Bittu has sent me…!

Madhu enters the jungle..! Pabho is on her way out when RK stops her and says lets eat together..!

Electrician messes up with the wires..! Kuku informs Amar that RK

ke sapno ki arthi saj gai and Amar says sath me RK ki bhi..! They toast to RKs imminent destruction ..

Pabho keeps checking watch n RK asks in a hurry? Pabho says gotta go to ayurvedic center.. n RK offers to drop her off but she says.. no need..! Pabho blesses RK for the song shoot ..!

Madhu reaches the makeshift temple and she prays for Bappa to bless RK always and keep him safe..! RK arrives at the studio ..n sees no security and door open..! The electrician hides from him ..! Pabho reaches too and chides Dips for releasing the rats early ..n Dips throws sweets on the ground to attract the rats..!

Rats come out ..n as Madhu goes to offer the laddos.. the rats come out and Madhu screams..seeing them..!

Entire crew arrives and the electrician leaves from there. .but RK calls out..! He says how Bittu sent her to check wiring..!

Part 2

Pabho says this nivaran will not be complete either.. ! Madhu keeps running back …from the temple!

Part 3

Simmy n her mom come to yap with RK .. n the electrician quickly leaves from there! RK says sorry for what happened n assures of another project but Simmys mom insists to work with RK ..! RK says not possible ..

Madhu decides to endure the pain and face her fear to fulfill the nivaran work..!

Precap — Madhus feet is badly bitten and she does the chant..! There are sparkings in the electrical system at RKs shoot..! Pabho and Dips are shocked. .to see Madhu chanting.. n hope she leaves..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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