Madhubala 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK mansion is now Kapoor Mansion ..! Nikhil greets his wife Annie(ananya)

Nikhil says u ruined my surprise.. wanted to treat u to breakfast n she says havent had any so… now serve morning coffee ..

Annie says something is gonna happen that is gonna upset ur overcompensating..whats it? Nikhil says.. theres an inquiry for Abhay from Hollywood n i need to go to NY.. n u hv to handle AKs press dos here..! Annie fumes but relents for Nikhils sake..!

Annie inquires guest lists stuff from staff… assigns responsibility of press do to them..! She tells Naina.. no one should be missed..! She says forgot to invite someone..

AK tells Bebe to relax.. n let it be! Bebe says. why she talks like she is here to taunt.. like dragon spitting fire! AK

tells her to chill ..! Bebe says.. how to forget? AK asks not ready yet.. why? Bebe says no …not going to that secretary’s event..! AK compliments her that she looks great in green n she says din get invited! AK fumes n walks off

Naina tells Annie.. that Bebe doesnt come so how does it matter? AK says.. it matters.. so ur now ex employee from employee.. ! He says.. if u forget my family .. then i hv no reason to remember u .. so walk off..!

Naina cribs that it was expected as am not pretty like the girls AK likes n leaves warning. .wont leave him ..! Annie says.. seems like AK dug his own grave..

Madhu is getting ready to leave n Bittu feeds her dahi shakkar.. inquires if she has money ..certis n gives directions! Madhu says .. Dida says am very lucky .. will get things going..! She runs into Sweetie .. who taunts her n wishes her bad luck … but Bittu chides her..! He wishes Madhu well n she leaves..!

Press conf on at Pam’s event and he says AK donates every year.. in the name of his mom n this year too..! He says..this year donating for acid victims! Press asks why only them? Pam says.. face is a persons identity n confidence.. so helping them

Madhu is yapping with rick driver… and suddenly a thief… snatches her bag n runs… Madhu screams n runs after him ..

Media grills him about firing his Sect. for having non pretty face.. n AK says.. face is not the issue…efficiency is…! He says i give 200% to my work.. so 199% is not acceptable..! Media keeps grilling AK ..!

Madhu keeps chasing the thief..

AK says cant bear faces which lie… are inefficient… ! Media asks will u employ an unattractive person? He says yes..

Suddenly Madhu reaches there chasing the thief.. n screams on the thief ..for stealing her bag…!

Media tells AK to hire this uknown face who appears to be sincere..! AK says appointed..!

All are shocked…

Media asks what if u fire her tomorrow morning? AK says.. giving 3 months time to prove herself n wont fire her till then ..

He leaves.. Madhu looks on shocked..

Part 2

Madhu – Media-AK walking towards each other..! Media says.. she looks like Madhubala.. RKs wife..

All are shocked..

AK stares wide eyed at Madhu .. n Madhu is blushing seeing him ..

AK recollects his fathers death.. ! He removes Madhus specs n asks Madhu who are u. .where are u from? Madhu says Madhubala

Precap — Madhu says have interview.. need to go..! Pam asks u need a job ? Madhu says yes..! Pam says wait a while.. can get u a job..! .

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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