Madhubala 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says 1 – 2 – 3 and shows fireworks ..which make the phrase ‘ I LOVE U’ …! Madhu is delighted! RK asks her what did she think? Madhu does sign language saying super! RK asks her to speak out and she does dumb charades and says.. hungry ..and sleepy! She turns to leave and RK asks to speak from mouth! Madhu says God made me with ease but have button to stay silent! RK says ego? Madhu says when God made Ego ..he put it in one person.. not another! M egoless.. agree to my hubbys every word ..RK says jungli billi and Madhu says Kaddu..! Madhu asks if all surprises are done? Am sleepy! RK says close ur eyes and she does..! RK asks to open her eyes and she does and sees candle light dinner arrangements..! RK is sitting on the sofa and Madhu comes to him..! She asks u did

all this for me? RK makes her sit next to him and says .. overdramatic.. simple people ..simple love but superstar superstar love.. n this surprise is to say thanks! Madhu says speak ..! RK says..what i could.. did . .n more than that.. have to burn the whole world.. which she wont let him do! RK says arranged all this on my own..forgot tissus so dun cry! Madhu says.. wont cry and if i do ..will wipe tears on my hubbys tshirt! RK says one minute and puts the song on .. its Baho ke darmiya.. he holds her hand and asks remember anything? Madhu smiles..! Rishbala eyelocks..! Show flashback of studio SRK ..! Madhu blushes..!

RK says.. know u wont drink but dun stop me..! He pours champagne for himself..! Madhu stares..! He is about to drink and Madhu stops and RK says cheers! Madhu says dun drink! RK says dun stare .. u digging holes in my body.. this is angoor juice..! RK shows Madhu the menu for dinner .. its salad and Madhu asks this is dinner? Madhu fumes..and RK says .. got this specially made after talking to the dietician so she is red like tomatoe and thin like cucumber! Madhu says i eat Khichdi.. n its not fatty food! RK says its carbs. .its poison for eat quietly ..u said u listen to ur hubby so do as i say! Madhu opposes..and RK says.. chuha and she jumps on sofa..and RK says teasing ..! Madhu chides him and says one day he will pay ..and she goes to sleep..! PAbho says.. today RK saved u..what about tomorrow?

At night.. Madhu is tossing and turning as RK is fast asleep! Madhu says RK is full and happily asleep and am hungry..! She goes to the kitchen and finds a pastry…she says.. will diet from tomorrow. .will eat now..! She turns and finds Pabho ..! She asks not asleep? She says wanna talk about Brahmins! Pabho says i wanna talk too..! She says tried to convince Brahmins that it was a mistake..! Madhu goes to put it back in fridge and Pabho says no need..lets sit and talk .. n u eat! Pabho says.. what a nice coincidence .. u are gonna eat cake and next step for RKs benefit is related to sweet but not one nivaran is complete yet! She explains about 5 elements and nivarans to fulfill them..! She tells Pabho that next nivaran is related to earth.. and for that she has to go to jungle where there is a stone which is a statute of God and there she has to offer the bhog and also do chant of 1001 times..! Madhu is skeptical. .but agrees! Pabho says here is gur ke laddu ..n u have to go there before sunrise.. which means..leave now! Madhu asks now? Pabho asks any problem? Madhu says its my morning shift..if i can go next day? Pabho says.. its good thing..go there early .. she can go and return by shoot! Madhu is skeptical..! Pabho says..will talk to RK and tell her that u are at temple and will reach to studio straight! Pabho says maybe she does not trust all this? Madhu says nothing like this.. will manage all this! Pabho says..this is auspicious for married women so deck up like a bride! Madhu gets up and Pabho says eat.. ! Madhu says.. no need and Pabho says.. ur truly pati vrata and RK will get its benefit for sure.. so go now!

Madhu is sitting on the bed and leaves a not note for RK ..its about 4am ..! Madhu caresses RKs hair and says. ..all this is for u .. for ur betterment so. .please understand..!

Part 2

Madhu is all decked up and is about to leave when Radha comes! She says know that u have lot of pressure.. on u.. shooting. .home and all this. .cant divide the load but can accompany u..! Madhu says.. stay here…i will be back soon ..! Pabho asks Madhu if all arrangements done? Madhu says yes..! Pabho asks to chant the mantra carefully and Madhu assures! She leaves! Radha asks Pabho if all this is important? She has lots of load on her! Pabho says dun wanna discuss on this! Radha says not discussing. .but why pressure her so much? Pabho says for RK if have to make Madhu scale the Himalaya .. will do it..! Radha says done lot already..! Pabho says.. whatever a woman does for her hubby is less..! She says all this is Radhas fault..she should have checked about Madhu from all this would not have happened! She asks Radha to go make breakfast! Radha goes! Pabho self thot.. u are supporting wrong person Radha.. if u think as RKs mom..u would know the difference!

Part 3

Its morning, RK wakes up ..! He call out for Madhu ..! Radha brings tea for him! Radha says tea.. ! RK says that Madhus responsibility ..who told u to bring? Pabho says mother bringing tea wont ruin its taste..! Drink! Radha says no need and leaves..! Pabho says told Radha. .coz its difficult to catch up wth RK .. so thot to spend time ..! RK says no need for excuses.. when she wants. .can call out and RK will be Rishabh for her..! Pabho says dun butter me..! How much sugar and RK says one teaspoonful ..! RK asks where is Madhu? Pabho says dunno.! RK says explain to Madhu to become ideal heroine from ideal daughter in law..! Pabho says if kids understood by explaining..

RK says such important dance sequence to shoot.. if she is not fresh.. how will she shoot! He decides to call Madhu but Pabho says whats the need.. she will come ..! RK goes to pick up his phone and there is a letter lying there..! He reads it..! Madhu informs that she is going to Mandir and will come before time ..! She says sorry about eating cake piece..and diet..! She writes Love u.. and RK says Love u too Biwi..!

Precap — Pabho calls Dips and asks the status..! Dips says.. she has arrived before time..! Pabho tells Dips to be ready as Madhu is reaching there.. and she will come too..! Dips says. first time awaiting ur arrival.. Chawlbala..! Madhu shown walking in the jungle looking a bit lost..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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