Madhubala 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu not to leave n asks what he should do so she wont leave?

Madhu says…he can bring a trophy from the market. but not her…she is not up for sale..! Madhu says…she may be broken. but she is a star.. far away from his reach!

Madhu asks..why does he care for her? She is like any other girl.. just a name..nothing beyond..! RK asks her not to say so..!

Madhu says..there is nothing like feelings.. or love between them RK asks if its not her zidd to make him accept he loves her? She says..she has learnt from him!

Madhu asks RK if he can accept he loves her.. n says..its her junoon to get respect n love in this relation…can he say before all he loves her? RK is quiet n Madhu says she knows.. he cant.. ! Madhu walks off ..removing

her hand from RKs clutch..! She dares him not to stop her.. n says she is leaving forever..!

All watch stunned..!

Madhu comes to chawl … n recollects Paddos words about maintaining her maryada…! Madhu returns n finds Sultan-Aryan there…

Aryan asks.why is she following him n that its his par nani-auntys home ..! Trish offers to make tea.. Paddo starts for temple.. n asks Aryan to come along!

Sultan is about to walk out when he overhears Madhu …telling Trish she doesnt wanna talk..!

RK is pacing around recollecting Madhus words… n rushes to his room..! Radha follows.. n finds him with a bottle n slaps him … n says Madhu is right.. there is no point wasting life for a guy who cant admit to love someone!

RK asks if she will chide him only? Radha says..useless talking to him… better stay alone n get drunk RK says.. he will end himself…no need to care..!

Madhu is silent n Sultan comes to her says thot she needs a friend n Madhu says.. no one needed for what she is doing..! Madhu says.. her family hates her..for what she is doing Sultan says. not him!

Sultan says.. some moments in life are meant to be spent with friends.. n says sorry for the previous night altercations..! Sultan says.. a bit weak about matters of heart… ! He says..she can fall from where she is standing but he has right to help her to stand!

Sultan asks ..why here so early? Madhu says..wanted to meet mom!

RK asks for drinks bottle.. n Dips offers n asks not to scream.. as he threw out all drinks after Madhu returned!

Dips taunts RK for not knowing what he wants n what he wants to do…! She asks what is he? A guy with huge ego..who cant admit that he loves Madhu beyond the realms of sanity..!

RK rushes out.. calling out to Radha.!

Madhu says..she came to complete the final part of her plan… n is waiting for RK…!

Part 2

Madhu says..she is waiting for RK to declare that he loves her.. n then she will go back with him

Sultan asks if she will break RKs heart? Madhu says..if that heart knew what love is..she wuldn have broken it…!

For RK . .love is a right.. is about ownership …! She says.. its important to teach him what love is.. that is surrendering.. not a promise… love is respect.. caring..

Part 3

Madhu says.. Sultan is a person who knows better what love is.. ! She says.. Sultan is a gangster.. a person ..who has a heart.. who knows how to love..

Sultan is stunned

Precap —- RK gets on his knees.. n says.. will u be my wife.. officially n popularly? RK asks Madhu to marry her.. n ives her a ring..! There is a heart shape on the chawl floor . .n a banner with I LOVE U written n Rishbala pic! Sultan n Paddo fume..! Madhu is confused..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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