Madhubala 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Bebe calls Dolly out n she asks who? She says am Katrina.. wanna play Holi with Ranbir! Bebe asks where is Madhu? Dolly gives confused answer.. ! Bebe says.. with ur tummy u will be PHAT-rina..Bebe asks Tittu where is Madhu? He is high too n points to confused ways ..n Bebe suspects they are high coz of Bhang..Tamanna arrives… Annie greets her ..!Madhu is trying to find  AK  n finally spots him..! She resolves to pour color on AK ..Annie tells Tamanna that AK is here on condition that no one will put color on him .. n Tamanna bets she will ..Tamanna meets up AK … n they greet each other.. hug each other..! She says glad to meet indias superstar..! AK says.. was..Tamanna asks AK to agree to play Holi … n closes in on him .. while Madhu too approaches AK n

ends up slipping n AK holds her n color falls on AK- Madhu .. n the plate on Pams feet..!AK- Madhu eyelock..! Madhu trips again n they fall on the thela.. which is moving..! All watch shocked..!

The thela stops at a tub of water n duo fall in it..! AK fumes.. but extends hand to help Madhu get up who is busy drooling on him ..n finally when she takes his hand.. she loses balance again n he falls in the water again ..All fume! Pam decides to tell out the story n says how AK-Bebe have hurt her a lot…! Tamanna asks the matter n Pam shares..! She asks Tamanna to marry AK.. n says know u will take care of us always..! They all brainwash Tamanna..!Madhu offers to check on AKs eye.. she is still high .n keeps poking in AKs eye.! She offers to blow air in AKs eye n does..!Pam tells Tamanna that she doesnt actually have to marry AK ..rather force AK to fall for her.. n walk off!

Part 2

Madhu tries to get up but yelps in pain n AK asks hurt? She says no.Madhu keeps blabbering  while trying to blow air in his eyes n says..about AK chiding her always..AK says wont scold u..>Tamanna agrees to the offer by Pam .. n asks for money ..n Pam offers 50 lacs.

Part 3

Tamanna asks for 50 lacs in addition after work is done.. n they agree on the deal..AK asks if she is hurt? Madhu nods n AK says speak it out.. n asks hurt . .Madhu says no ..  n AK helps to squeeze Madhus leg .. n says if shy i will close eyes.. n Madhu says aab tum ankhen khol sakte ho PREM .. n AK says maine pyaar kiya lines. n Madhu says.. no .. my question .. Maine Pyaar KYUN kiya.!

Precap — Madhu is singing n dancing around AK .. ‘Dance pe chance mar le’ as Pam-Tamanna watch..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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