Madhubala 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Dips that Madhu has topped her exam and Dips has flunked! RK says..he has proved her wrong! He says..its proven that there is love in RKs life! Dips smirks and says.. topped? In the exam of love ..he took? RK says..yes..! Dips laufs! RK asks..if she is in shock and laufing hence? Dips says.. no n points at him to turn around! RK does and is shocked to see Madhu standing ..! RK rushes to her…! RK tries to explain her but Madhu blocks his hand …! RK keeps calling out Madhu . .n Madhu turns and leaves! Dips says.. she din do anything.. din need to.. thats why she said..dun be happy… else.. hurt pain n tears will return! RK runs after Madhu..! Madhu in tears..and is sitting on a sofa..! RK comes near..! He kneels down before her and asks her to listen to him! Madhu pushes his hand away and looks away! RK pulls Madhu and says.. he agrees what he did.. . Madhu blocks him and says that.. when date of Shammo-Paddo wedding was taken out.. she realised only 9 days are left..! She felt broken… with the thought of leaving her family .. for him…! She tells him that..for him..she was ready to leave her identity.. for him.. but he. . he took her test?? RK tries to explain..! Madhu says.. stop it.. she says.. he made her feel like a failure… who despite all her attempts.. could not make him trust her love..n thats why he had to test her love! Madhu says.. she tolerated all his whims and fancies.. laufed when he did.. cried when he did.. not coz it was her nature.. but when someone loves someone.. they love everything their beloved loves! She rues that.. he insulted her several times. .but she kept mum.. but still could not win his trust..! Madhu says..wonder why she is blaming herself..! He is the one at fault. .who cant trust anyone..! She asks him what he thinks of himself… if he is a judge..who decides..what is love and what is not?! She asks him why he took her test…for the person ..whom he hates.. who broke his trust? RK tries to touch Madhu but Madhu tells him .. please dont touch me..!

Madhu tells RK that coz of his past problems.. she cant bear to see her love being made a joke..! She tells him if he thinks his past betrayed him. . he is wrong… ! She tells him that his looking at her..wont stop her..! She tells him that today she will speak and make the poison in his heart come out..! She tells him .. his father ended his was not his fault.. ! She tells him ..he did what he did for his weakness and situation ..and asks him to accept it! She asks him to accept that in weakness people make mistakes! She tells him that.. he alone din lose… his mom ..lost a hubby ..a partner ..! She shares how Radha din get time to grieve..coz he was standing in front of her.. n coz of his responsibility. .she she get a hubby and he called it cheating..?? RK turns to leave and Madhu holds his arm n says..not done..! She tells him..that.. he keeps telling that life din do anything good for him .. if he cant do anything good for will life pay him back? She asks him ..if he thinks..what happens to Radha when he calls her.. ‘Janam dene wali aurat’! She tells him that.. she had seen happy Radha was when he touched her feet.. as if all pain had disappeared..! She tells him …that.. he has seen .. how much love ..she has for him.. n still he will call it cheating? She tells him… Radha is still waiting for him to return! She tells him that.. there are people who love him in the world.. whom he can test..but cant punish..! She then stops n says… her test started the day… he told her.. he loves her.. ! She says… her exam started that day n she flunked too ..coz .. she hesitated..! Madhu looks at RK .. and asks.. him she is to trust.. him ..that he really loves her? She tells him that..all this looks like an exam..! She tells him take revenge.. he married her.. n then thought to play with her more..! She asks him many more exams he has taken? Madhu says.. he has played with her feelings… she says..all this is a game…n she is crazy.. to leave everything for him..! She says.. he is still testing her.. n says..he can never trust her love..! She says..she has lost..! She screams on him.. n asks .. if he has any answer? Madhu breaksdown..! RK is stunned and quiet..! He walks away..! Madhu falls on the ground! BG- Chan se jo toote koi sapna! Flashbacks of RK carrying her to the candle lit.. home plan!

Its night and there is loud thundering..! Paddo wakes up with a scream.. ! She sees a portrait of RK-Madhu lying on the floor broken! Shammo comes and asks..if she is fine? Shammo explains that he heard noise so rushed in! Paddo says..the photoframe was so pretty! Shammo says.. it was a frame.. but the pic it was protecting is fine..! He says..RK-Madhu look gorgeous together n may God not let anything come upon them! Shammo says.. he was so wrong to think that his daughter was living in hell with RK ..! Paddo says..seems storm is coming..!

Radha is on his way out to the temple..! Servant asks if he should send someone with her.. but she says no..! Radha at the temple.. ! She asks to do worship on the name of Mohan Kundra as its his death anniversary..! She prays to God for giving peace to her hubbys departed soul! She says..that its RKs luck to get Mohans support in his life! She says that.. .wherever he is.. he must be there to watch over RK..! She says thanks to God as after 16 years later.. RK has returned to her life.. again! She shares how she has been waiting for this moment..! She says..he has not called her mom yet but his heart.. screams of the word mom. .n soon he will call her mom! Radha says.. all this is happening coz of Madhu coz Bappa brought Madhu in his life..! She says..that both have been thru a lot of pain.. now hopefully .. there be love in their life..! She says.. to complete her dream of the family reuniting ..!

RK is driving the car drinking.. recollecting Dips words.. Madhus words..! Madhu too recollects RKs words..! Both are in pain… Madhu crying .. RK drinking.. n driving and ends up spinning his car and hits a tree .. n is bleeding!

Precap — RK comes to temple n sees Radha…! Radha sees RKs bleeding head and says.. Rishu ..but stops herself..! RK says.. MAA and hugs Radha.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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