Madhubala 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu reports at her office n the person says ..tried to contact u u need the job or what n fires her!

Madhu wonders what she will do when Radha finds out? Radha calls.. Madhu is worried

Radha asks how is work? Like it? Madhu says all is well .. Radha says all is the magic of ur PK ..keep him with u always! She cuts the call ..

Madhu feels bad about lying .. ! She checks her bag for PK and realizes he is missing

AK is in his van n his spot gives him the PK idol n he looks at it ..

Nikhil asks if AK is worshiping? AK says interesting day …! Nikhil says there is a party for u..

A lady shown calling out to secretary … n AK comes ..! She blesses him ..! AK asks what u doing Bebe?

AKs step mom comes n AK greets her lovingly

.. n Bebe says u were secretary before anything so.. ! Bebe asks to get something for her.. n AK asks her to chill ..

AK gifts her the PK idol n says ur bahu gifted .. Bebe asks who.. short skirt wearer or blue eyed ones?

Anu comes .. n taunts AK for not turning at the party n says atleast thank them for giving u a chance n esp dad..! AK is shocked..

AKs step mom comes n asks Anu to be quiet..! Anu says hiding face from problem doesnt end it..!

AK is walking in his room .. n recollects the discussion ..! Bebe chides Anu n her mom ..! Tell Anu to go to her in laws place … n she says its my dads house.. n Bebe taunts her..

AK walks off ..! Bebe fumes on Anu n her mom!

Madhu recollects Docs words and sulks ..

Bittu comes sees Madhus scarf that Madhu (snr) had made for her..! Bittu gives her some food n she says ‘Masala kum hai’ n Bittu says like u..! He asks Madhu to help him with cooking

Bittu asks why sad? Madhu says lots of troubles n Bittu says.. bura waqt bhagoda hota hai. .thode time ke liye aata hai. .aur chala jata hai..

Madhu shares she din get the job troubled

Part 2

Bittu says dun worry about job, bus, train in Mumbai.. one leaves. .another comes.. n suggests her to check newspapers ..

Bittu looks at Rishbala pic n says Madhu is about to start her journey on the path of a new life.. bless her

Part 3

Madhu talks to the scarf n says u deserve award for sweetest dida..

AK is in an open road.. n looks in the sky n says everyday Anu taunts him about Harshvardhans death.. n may there be someone telling its not so

Madhu reads the paper.. n sets alarm for next day..

Precap — Madhu is looking at mor pankh n runs into Sweetie. .who taunts her.. n says hope u dun get ur job! Bittu chides her!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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