Madhubala 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu breaks down near RKs poster..n screams RK! RK hears the noise n wakes up from his sleep with a start..! He notices Radha waiting to talk to him…!

Radha tells him that seems he had a nightmare…pretty expected.. after the deed he did! RK tells Radha that he has done what he had to. .no discussions! Radha says.. he has to answer… coz.. if things with Madhu were a game..then whatever he said.. the other nite near temple was a game? RK says.. they are un related..! Radha tells RK that no one will trust him.. n RK says..he forgot whatever happened 16 years ago.. n so considers Radha his mom!

Radha reminds RK about Madhus efforts.. to reunite them..! Radha asks RK if he never loved Madhu the girl who loved him with her all… not for a day.. a month .. not ever?

The girl who taught him to love?? Never ever?? RK says NO ..n says.. looking in ur eyes.. n never LOVED her.. n wont EVER!

Radha asks him why he did this? RK says.. coz he has no fear.. n its the truth..! Radha says.. Madhu isnt broken alone. .but his life is destroyed to…! He isnt God .. n they will see who will God punish for RKs misdeeds..!

Next day morning.. RK in sleep says.. BIWI .. get tea..! Radha overhears.. RK wakes up n realises.. n corrects himself…! Paddo comes in her room n looks for Madhu .. !

RK screams on the servants n asks for tea..! They say getting..! RK says. his tea should be on the table n Radha says.. seems he din sleep.. ! RK hates the tea..! Radha reminds.. that the servants know how to make bitter tea for him . .only Madhu knew how to add sugar..!

Paddo comes near Madhu n Madhu gives her tea..! The duo hug..! Radha tells RK that.. slowly he will realise that.. the one he has destroyed.. has taken his life with her..! RK throws the cup and says..he doesnt miss her. n doesnt care.. n all will be back to original..!

Paddo puts the radio on n its bindiya chamkegi song n Madhu gets flashbacks..! Madhu puts the radio off n says.. SHE WANTS TO FORGET ALL n MOVE ON! Madhu comforts Paddo n says.. that she wants to being back to happy like before RK came in..!

Part 2

Madhu resolves to forget all … ! RK tells Radha that he is telling the truth..! Radha takes the glasses n starts to throw on the floor… RK asks what she is doing? Radha says..that.. loud voice..n shouting cannot change the truth..! She says.. that only time will decide…who is right.. she (about RK lying about Madhu) or RK (about not loving Madhu)!

Part 3

RK asks Bittu where he was n talks of some interview.. but Bittu keeps mum! He asks Bittu the matter.. n he hands over his resignation..!

Precap — Dips.. is in the parlor where Madhu is working n Madhu does her padicure! Dips asks her to put blood red color nailpolish ..Madhu does so quietly..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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