Madhubala 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Bebe comes to her room and opens the latch and Pam walks out.. fuming ..! She asks why did u lock me? Bebe says my house n room ..will do as i please..!

Bebe tells Pam to go counsel Nikhil … Pam warns her n leaves from there! Madhu thanks Bebe for helping her n says need this job n Bebe says. not ur fault..

Madhu says AK is upset with me and Bebe says go talk to him nicely ..he will relent

Pam is upset n Nikhil cheer her with a drink .. n says ..have chosen Annies friend for AK .. who will come at our party …

Pam says know her well ..for her money is all and doesnt listen to anyone . .just like me..! Pam says.. we need to get this girl to win AK ..!

Next day .. morning..! AK takes Bebes blessing n she wishes him well . .puts holi tikka on his

forhead n wishes him … n he wishes her too ..
Bebe is teary eyed n AK says why? Bebe says.. why u hate color? Its after ur dads death anniversary? AK tries to cheer Bebe up …

Pam tells Annie to go tell AK play Holi ..! Nikhil also agrees..says this is to unite AK-Tamanna..! She wonders how n Pam says do emotional drama!

Dolly comes to Tittu n he doesnt recognize her n she says.. decked up for u n u act like this? He tries to woo her.. !

Bebe says will find a way to get AK here at all costs… !! Madhu comes and Tittu puts color on her face n she greets Dolly n she tells Madhu to focus on Bebe!

Madhu shares Mathura holi style n talks of Bhang n Dolly decides to spike Madhus drink ..! Right then Bebe comes n is sad n Madhu asks why? Bebe says AK doesnt play holi n Madhu resolves to make AK play holi..!

Annie asks AK to join her at the holi party … n AK agrees!

Part 2

Dolly sweet talks Madhu and feeds her spiked pakoda..! Madhu starts to feel high ..

Part 3

Annie brings AK along to the Holi party … ! Meanwhile Dolly keeps feeding Madhu pakodas.. n she feeds Dolly some too ..! Both are high ..!

AK tells Bebe to keep him away from colors ..

Bebe puts color on Ayesha .. ! AK hugs Pam n she says glad u came here! AK says Annie told so ..!

Nikhil says. . Tamanna .. Annies friend is coming today ..n Annies moby rings n she goes to receive Tamanna..!

Pam smirks..!

Precap — Tammana steps out of a car .. all decked up ! Annie greets her …! They hug!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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