Madhubala 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Lela tells her friends she has kept a fulltime maid so why cook!

All friends praise Madhus cooking.. ! Madhu thanks them..!

Lela offers to make green tea for her friends and says its a hi society thing.. so Madhu wont know..!

Lela heats pakad.. n makes Madhu hold it to pour hot water in the cups ..n Madhus hand gets burnt…! She screams ..! Lela self thot.. this girl will curse the day when she decided to come to Mumbai n stay at my house! She asks Madhu to pour the water in cups n serve!

Madhu self thot PK u with me?

Radha is having her homeopathy pills n asks Madhu what is wrong? Madhu says network issues..! Radha is worried.! Madhu asks for good luck for her workfrom Radha n she says.. ur good luck in urself.. ! Radha wonders what

is wrong? Why no blabbering n Madhu is quiet n says ur worried for me..!

Madhu asks to give phone to Shruti n she praises Mumbai her n Bittu..! Madhu asks to take care of Radha n cuts call ..

Sunny comes n sees Madhus burnt hand..n asks why u tolerated ?? Madhu says keep quiet..! Sunny rues about playing that prank ..! Madhu says.. do PT . positive thinking .. ! Madhu says Radha wanted to keep me away from mumbai n m here. .my life is ..Madhubala ek tragedy ek jalan …

She talks of her morning shift n they both do hi5 .. n Sunny asks her to sleep …to reach Kurla station on time..

Abhay is playing games.. n Nikhil informs him about shoot at Kurla station

Madhu is humming in her sleep n Sunny comes to wake her up ..!Sweetie comes with facepack n Sunny taunts her..! Madhu wakes up n is rushing. to work ..n Sunny helps her with directions ..

Abhay arrives at the Kurla station .. crowd is cheering…
Madhu gets stuck in jam due to Abhay Kapoors shoot..! Madhu is excited .. but ends up falling asleep in the rick…

Director is explaining shoot to Abhay n it requires him sitting in a rick..! Madhu wishes to see Abhay in front of her… n her auto gets called for the shoot..!

Gunjan Utreja entry shown ..He is running ends up in the rick n starts driving it..! Madhu is still sitting …!

Part 2

Madhu is talking in her sleep ..if Abhay Kapoor comes in front of her then n AK is surprised seeing her .n asks what u doing here? He stops the auto ..n gets out of it..!

He fumes on director n team

Madhu is yawning.. n finds out from the rick driver its AK ..

Part 3

Director says the girl in pillion seat is in shoot.. we need to reshoot..! AK says..we will reshoot from the start..!

Rick driver thanks Madhu .. ! She rushes to work n AK watches her silhoutee..!

AK is watching his shot in vanity van..!

Nikhil introes a reporter to AK n leaves..

AK says …’Main Abhay Kapoor ..ek shaam aapke naam ..its gonna be a date at eight!’ Reporter praises AK for his prefection ..takes interview n excuses herself..!

Precap — Madhus kanha idol is given to AK by his spot n he looks at it.. just as Nikhil comes..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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