Madhubala 12th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bittu calls Radha and informs that Madhu was fab and cleared the scene in one take .. Madhu is a born star..! Radha is delighted..! She speaks to Madhu n says am so proud.. am mother of two stars! Madhu says very happy myself and seeing RK happy ..even more happy! Radha blesses the duo ..! Madhu assures wont let any harm fall on them and RK and Radha says know that!

Dips fumes hearing this.. and cribs to Pabho asking what is this? Pabho walks off..! Kuku is about to drink when Sikky comes and he tries to hide! Sikky tells Kuku that Madhu cleared the scene in one take..! He says Bank Manager is happy too..! Roma gives Madhu call sheet for next days shoot..! Madhu is quiet ..n watches the sunset..! Roma says look at the sunrise.. not sunset..! Madhu says wanna see this sunset..

doing the movie for RK ..want him out of trouble! Roma says ur nuts! RK says recognized her so late..! Roma says.. Raam milaye jodi… Ek adiyal ghoda.. ek khiski hui ghodi

RK asks Madhu why so sad? Madhu asks u sure i can do? RK says ummeed hai.. ke tum meri ummedo se kai age nikal jaogi..jiski maine ummed bhi nahi ki thi..! Madhu says scared! RK hugs Madhu n asks now? Madhu says no more..!

RK says will stay glued to u! RK teases her saying.. tumhara peeche chuha hai n Madhu screams n hugs him . n he says aab meri bahon me meri chuhiya hai..!

Dips brings meds for Pabho … n she asks why? Dips says maybe she has headache seeing her plans failing! Pabho asks much u respect me? Dips says most.. so do as i say.. have the med u brought for me! Dips is having the med but Pabho doesnt let her drink water.. n says muh kadwa ho gaya? Dun repeat this again !

Dips asks Pabho what she is doing with 5 jars? Pabho says 5 elements.. Madhu has to clear one exam each… !! Pabho says first brahmin bhoj was exam of ATMA .. now next .. exam is dharti aka related to patience!Rishbala wont separate based on predictions. .if we have to separate them we have to convince Madhu that her presence will ruin RKs life.. n that will happen when she flops in every step of nivaran! Pabho tells Dips to bring flour and gourd ..!

RK comes and calls out to Pabho n inquires about Kuku-Sikky .! RK says. to pabho .. m super excited..! Pabho asks why? RK says its related to a personality .. super smart.. super pretty ..super senti.. super talented.. n that personality is Madhubala Rishabh Kundra!

Part 2

RK says she is the super duper heroine of future! RK raves that Madhu gave back to back 5 scenes in one take! He says its all coz of ur blessing.. so bless Madhu n Pabho says may God bless u always!

RK asks Pabho to relieve Madhu from kitchen duty for today .. Madhu resists.. !! RK says as u wish..!

Amar tells Kuku not to worry ..! Know about the developments but this is not his victory nor our loss…! Kuku says RK is binding different elements towards his success .. n so RK will be superstar.. n superproducer too ..! Amar says wont happen .. Kuku says will ..! Electrician blows a fuse at Amars place n Amar gets idea related to fire!

Part 3

Kuku asks what next ? Amar says will give RK biggest shock of his life..! Kuku says lets see if u get shocked or give shock!

Madhu comes in the room and its dark..she sees a shadow and its RK ..he sneaks her to the nearby room on terrace after blindfolding her..! He makes her stand in the door ..n a while later opens her blindfold..!

RK shows her fireworks in the sky .. n she smiles. ! Fireworks read ‘I LOVE U MADHU’

Precap — Madhu says sleepy . .have shoot..going to sleep! RK says chuha and she jumps on the sofa..and RK says its not there! Madhu says next time will make u pay .! She leaves! Pabho says.. today RK saved u.. .but tomorrow?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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