Madhubala 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sweetie sees the ad and says AK! Lela says this is between u and me.. dun let Bittu know! Sweetie asks. .then how will we forge a bond without his agreement? Lela says leave it and reads the ad n says.. am like that! Sweetie says. .u or me? Lela says.ur my shadow.. so all the qualities i have. u have too ..! Sweetie says ..this is awesome..! Lela says.. now go deck up so u can blow AK’s mind off..!
Bebe calls AK and says.. u have given me the greatest happiness of my life..! AK says u like it? Thot after i quit u .. n Bebe says.. this is best decision.. u can spend time at home and me! AK says. .u like the ad? We will get gud options! Bebe says. ur so nice. .u will get great option …! We will select the one that u like. .n suits ur personality! AK seeks her blessing

and Bebe says.. always with u.. n asks where are u? AK says just round the corner! Bebe says so many people have come seeing ur ad.. hurry! AK says.. wow.. why so happy seeing an office ad.. but gud she is happy ..!

Nikhil greets the people assembled. .n says.. we made a big mistake! Bebe interrupts..! Annie tries to talk to her but Bebe taunts her n she walks off! Right then AK arrives..! All the girls and their parents are excited seeing him ..! All greet AK and compliment him ..! AK is surprised..! Bebe starts to cheer and sings .. ‘Panjabio di battery charge rendi hai’ ..! AK greets everyone n asks them to sit..! Nikhil suggests AK to freshen up .. n he will handle! Bebe taunts.. ur no Chairman to handle. .all this.. they are waiting since long.. so let AK greet them.! She tells Nikhil to leave..! AK says.. have a few questions.. n if it works out.. it will be a final deal! Bebe resolves to do parikrama and langar.. if all falls in place!

Madhu reaches as well and calls Bebe aside .. n asks what is this? Bebe says.. u gave the ad .. so they all came here..! Madhu says wow! Bebe says. .my son is a star..! Madhu says.. will pray that AK gets what he likes..! AK asks the age.. n all start to answer.. n one replies.. old is gold ..! AK says.. if condition is perfect.. it can last long. .if its not used..! The girls say what kind of question is this? How this matters? AK says it does..its for long term..! AK asks location n they answer n Madhu says.. all are far off.. n he cant travel for so long daily! Bebe says why travel to inlaws place daily ..! AK asks Bandra folks to answer. .n asks size..! Nikhil – Bebe are embarassed..! Madhu says.. AK needs to know .. if he has to buy ..! AK says will send someone to check the size  … ! The girls parents are shocked .. n asks what is this? Nikhil says there is a confusion n AK says so asking questions! AK says wanna buy .. n if i cant settle ..after 3-4 months.. if i dun like will sell to another! Bebe is shocked n Madhu says.. he is right ..cannot buy office like this! Bebe asks what office? Madhu says.. AK’s office  ..thats what the ad was for ! AK asks everyones rates and says.. those who price perfectly will strike deal with them..! The girls parents fume n decide to walk off..! Bebe stops them n AK says.. looks like vastu stuff ..! The girls father says.. not to worry.. no manglik stuff! AK is shocked n asks what is this? The girls father says.. see her horoscope..! AK asks why show to me? The girls father says. .u dun wanna see before marrying? AK asks what? Bebe says.. all this is due to wrong ad being published! Madhu is shocked..! Bebe says big confusion ..! Bebe shows the ad to AK ..!

Part 2

AK apologizes to all and they say its ok . .n that they can discuss all this later!Bebe agrees.. all the parents leave…! AK calls out to Nikhil n asks what is this mess and if he knows how much this has embarassed him? Nikhil says its Madhus fault..! He says gave the matter to Madhu to print and she messed up! AK tells Madhu to read the ad .. carefully ..!

Part 3

AK asks Madhu if she knows how much embarassment her stupidity caused him? The kind of thing he told to the parents of those girls..! Right then Lela-Sweetie arrive n Lela looks at AK from far n drools ..! Sweetie says if i faint.. tell AK to carry me in his arms..! AK chides Madhu after overhearing Lelas words..n says all this is cause of u..! Bebe comes and stands in front of Madhu .! Lela asks are we late? Madhu says i dinno .. i printed what Nikhil gave me..! Nikhil tells Lela that this ad is a mistake.. so please leave! Lela asks for a chance to meet AK! Nikhil blocks her..! Lela keeps insisting! Nikhil almost slams the door but Sweetie spots Madhu .. n tells Lela..! Lela says dun take her name.. ! Nikhil asks how long to bear ur torture Madhu? Bebe asks Nikhil ..who was responsible to get the ad published? Nikhil says me.. n Bebe says u r useless so gave it to Madhu who was looking after me..! Bebe says u dun fulfill ur duty n fume on Madhu? Bebe says.. this happened coz of Nikhil … Madhu is busy running around me.. its unfair to blame her ..! Bebe fakes being ill n tells Madhu its time for her med..n take her from there! Nikhil tries to justify but AK says if ur too busy .. i can manage my own work. .! AK walks from there! Nikhil fumes he has to handle Bebe-Madhu ..!

Precap — Nikhil looks at a glass and says now all our plans will work perfectly have chosen a bride for AK! Pam asks who? Nikhil says Annies bestie. from US. .who is coming at the holi party tomorrow.. !

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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