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Madhubala 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela coming to meet RK and asks where is Madhu. She says she came to take Madhu as Dida is unwell. Agni says someone took her. Leela acts that she is very worried and starts crying saying who took her, what will I say to Bittu and Dida. RK says stop it, I know how much you love her. Leela says I understand, but you have to find her, I want her back. Dau ji comes and says our haveli is selling and we will get 30 crores. RK says no need, I will find Bhanu, my men are looking for him. I will kill him when I get him. Leela gets tensed and comes back home. She tells this to Bhanu, that Dau ji is arranging money but RK is stopping him.

She says he is very angry and he will not leave you and the one who has helped him. She says I m sorry, you please go from here, I want to be

alive. Bhanu says I understand, but you have to fear me, your life is in my hands, not RK. She says I came from RK’s house, I saw anger in his eyes, like he killed Abhay Kapoor, if he knows Madhu is here, and will kill both of us. She says I don’t want your flat, please understand. Bhanu slaps her and puts her with Madhu. Madhu is shocked to see her and ask did Bhanu kept her kidnapped here. Leela says this is our house. Madhu says what, it means he has kept us here. She asks about RK finding me everywhere.

Leela says I did big mistake, I told Bhanu that I will not keep you here, I will tell everything to RK, but he has pushed me here. Leela thinks now I m not afraid of RK, I want to be alive, not that flat. Dau ji says how will 30 crores come. Tara gives him her jewellery worth 1 crore and asks him to free Madhu. Dau ji says its our tradition that we have always given daughters and not taken anything from them. She hugs him crying. Agni comes and says I don’t have anything to give you. Dau ji says you are with me.

RK gets a call and says Madhu is found out, what, she is at her home. Agni is shocked. RK says now don’t sell anything Dau ji, I will bring Madhu back today. He gets up. The doctor says you can’t go in this satte. RK says I will fight all risks and bring her back. He leaves holding his stomach. Bhanu brings food for Madhu and Leela for keeping them alive. Leela says why this bad food to me and good food to Madhu, what did I do that you give me this. Bhanu says I will get crores from Madhu, not you. He says I would have not given you a glass of water if I did not had to keep you alive, eat it. Leela says fine, will eat this.

Agni calls Bhanu and tells him everything. Bhanu smiles. He tells Madhu that I will give you a gift for your goodness, that’s RK. Madhu is shocked. Bhanu says he is happy knowing he found us, he does not know I told him this, so that he comes here and falls in my trap, he will die in love. He says he is stopping Dau ji from giving me money, now he will be here and Dau ji will give me money. Madhu says he will come here and free me. Bhanu says lets see your love wins or me. Madhu says see it. RK is on the way thinking about Bhanu. He sees a gun in his car and does not take it. He thinks he won’t break his promise, he will win by his love and passion, without lifting guns.

RK breaks the door and shouts Bhanu. Bhanu aims a gun at him and checks did he bring a gun. Bhanu says RK has come without a gun, and beats him up. Madhu is unable to see this. She shouts RK and cries. RK falls and is more hurt. Bhanu closes the door. Bhanu gives him a gun and asks him to lift it. RK does not take it. RK says not gun, but your Arthi will be lifted. He says I won’t break the promise I did to Madhu. Madhu cries seeing him hurt. Bhanu says fine. RK throws Bhanu’s gun and beats him.

Dau ji and everyone pray for RK and Madhu. He says if he loses without gun, then it will be problem. RK says Bhanu won’t be saved now and suffocates him holding his neck tight. Bhanu beats on his wound and aims a gun at him again. He says you promised, I did not. Bhanu asks RK to kill Madhu if you want his life. RK looks at Madhu and says till I alive you one can touch me Rani, kill me. Bhanu says you were tiger before, you are fool in love, nothing is there in love, kill her and come with me to village. RK says I have named my life to Madhu. Hum hai tere deewane………….plays…………..

Bhanu shoots RK and Madhu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG Stupid bhanu shot raja what next can’t wait till monday

  2. Ur right

  3. What stupid promise!

  4. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Rk wont die…because the heroine’s promise can nvr go wrong… Well done rk…! 🙂 stay strong

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