Madhubala 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan says … Haar gaya aaj.. kabhi na harne wala Rishabh Kundra.. err no .. sirf Rishabh!

RK is walking out and Madhu interrupts but RK says .. to let him go else he will burn down the whole house with his inner fire! Sikky thanks God that he left.! Radha comes to Dips and slaps her! Asking her she did this? Felt good? Broke Rishu! Dips tries to explain ..but Radha interrupts..!

Dips says..she din do anything! She says …she had blackmailed Radha but saw her state and her inner voice chided her.. so she kept the pic safely in the cupboard..!

Dips says.. Sultan came.. n Radha was mumbling about the pic..! She says she tried to divert things but couldnt so had to tell the truth…!

She says Sultan searched thru her stuff.. n so finally Dips gave Sultan

the pic! Dips puts the blame on Radha saying if only she stayed quiet!

Radha buys it..

RK comes to lakeside.. and slams the chair on the ground.. ! Madhu is with him…! RK recollects his childhood moments with his dad.. drinks more n more.. then breaks the chair.. !

RK pour alcohol on it and lights it ..! Madhu rushes to RK..! RK asks her to fold hands he did Antim Sanskar of his father n Madhus father in law..!He says MK cheated them all their life.. lied to he and screams.. ALVIDA Mohan Kundra.. n Bhagwan tumhari atma ko kabhi shanti na de!

RK says.. now fold hands for me as today with a dead father.. his son is dead too n he pours alcohol on himself.. n Madhu asks him what is he doing? RK says.. age 28 .. reason of death.. cold blooded murder . n killer .. his dad!

Madhu stops RK ..pulls him away from fire.. n says.. he is leaving her? Dont Dare…coz whether he lives or not. .she will die! RK says. .he died a while back already! Madhu says no .. n RK cries and hugs Madhu .. she hugs him back!

Madhu asks RK to come back with her home..! RK walks in a daze!

Sikky asks Dips if she was telling truth? Dips asks what he thinks? Sikky says.. how can she be flop actress … she is superstar.. coz no ones father wuld know what a lowly and liar of a person she is..!

Dips says..its Shubh Shurat.. big big blasts coming up ..!

Madhu comes to RK..n asks what she can do? RK asks to leave him alone..! Madhu recollects Sultans words.. n fumes..!

Sultan watches news about reporter asking people if they believe this news.. of RK being illegitimate? Sultan shuts the tv off and hears footsteps..! He turns. .its Madhu ..!

Sultan says..he said what he had to n Madhu says..she is yet to say .. Congrats for breaking her family .. ruining her familys reputation . .breaking RK n embarassing her mom in law..! Madhu asks if he got what he wanted after taking everything from her family?

Sultan turns to approach Madhu n says hate the moment when they came close for humanity n friends..! Hate the moment..when we became friends.. and letting Sultan be part of her life!

Sultan says whether she was there or not.. truth would be there..! .. Sultan says with that truth he would have reached her home! Madhu says…she is of no use..! Thot he would understand!

Sultan says..he came .. to talk but RK handed him to cops..! Madhu asks .. so he forcibly entered her home.. ! Sultan says n left it.. when his mom asked! Madhu asks then why today.!

Part 2

Madhu says . Sultan is not a guy who would break someones home to make his own! She says.. servants say ..he took care of Radha.. when she was sick..then why this?

Sultan says..did what he had to..! RK doesnt understand value of relations.. so he came to help Radha! Madhu asks where is his empathy now? Where are Meera/ Aryan / Kaka? Sent them away? Coz he knows.. he is doing wrong!

Sultan says not necessary to answer all her questions.. she can leave!

Madhu says..he cant look away after doing all this!

Madhu says..heard the phone call to RK .. the joy in the voice.. the happiness.. the stining.. the sarcasm …what was it?

Sultan says.. was me.. at RKs level!

Part 3

Sultan says.. if RK was in his place..he would do same

Madhu says.. is this war for justice or revenge? Sultan says. .wanna destroy RK .. coz he refused to give Meera her place! Madhu asks..why punish RK? It was MK who destroyed Meera!

She says.. what he wants? RKs home or surname? Only MK can give.. n he is gone!

Sultan says to leave n Madhu says.. he says its fight for justice. .but he wants to destroy her hubby RK ..why?

Sultan averts but Madhu keeps insisting .. ! Sultan tries to control but Madhu keeps forcing! Sultan says…its for HIM … its fight between RK and Sultan.!

RK snatched.. everything from him … he has everything which belongs to Sultan.. his father. .his childhood. .his identity. .his life.. his MADHU!

Precap — Sultan grabs Madhu and Madhu asks him to leave her.. n says he is hurting her..! Sultan says left u once before. .wont leave now..! Sultan extends his hand and asks Madhu to come with him ..! Madhu walks towards Sultan n then spits in his hand!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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