Madhubala 12th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 12th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK touches Madhus face n shot ready shout out.. ! Duo smile and Madhu waves a bye.. RK stops n says..when god sees her lonely..gets her in typical situations n shoots candid vids!

RK asks if she can go alone? Madhu reminds of the shoot.. n RK goes quiet..! Madhu smiles ..says bye n goes off!

Trish-Madhu forces Shammo to get Mehendi on ..n he relents.. ! He puts a dot on his hand..! Madhu gives Paddo the gift RK gave for her..! Trish putting oil on everyones mehendi.. comes near Madhu …Madhu feels sad n turns but Trish stops..smiles n puts the oil on her mehendi!

Madhu asks Trish to join her for celebrating..! Duo hug! Song – Navrachi .. song is on..! All perform..! Madhu at the centre..! Shammo-Paddo smile as they watch the sisters dance..!Madhu-Trish hug..!

RK on phone with Madhu and asks her to come soon! From the dark Dips steps out and RK thinks it was Madhu but stops..! Dips corrects RK n says… ur ex lover..!

Dips sings – Inteha ho gai intezar ki. .aai na kuch khabar RK ke yaar ki..

RK says.. there is intezar.. but only if she had waited 5 years ago ..story wuld b different..!

Roma asks Trish to come with her.. to talk but Trish avoids.. ! Roma forces.. but Trish refuses… ! Paddo takes Roma away..!

Dips asks..why he din throw her out of the room? IS he ok? Dips tells RK that he looks happy .. n she feels worried as whenever he is happy he gets hurt!

Trish comes in her room which is dark to hide the bag.. but cant find it..! Roma switches on the light and shows her the bag..! Trish says.. that Romas heroine is a heroine..! Roma asks why she hid .? Trish says..that she knew they will be doubtful she got 20 lacs advance.!

Roma asks her to tell the truth n as to who is the producer! Trish says… that Roma wont know! Roma requests her not to do anything to hurt Shammo-Paddo..! Trish asks if she feels she is a vamp! She walks out..!

RK tells Dips that he will miss her..! Dips is ! RK says.. her sweet attempts to seduce lure him .. he will miss it all!

Part 2

RK tells Dips there is heartbreaking news ..theres only happiness She had asked him to test Madhus love.. ! He tells her that.. Madhu has topped the exam.. she is ready to leave it all . .n go with him..! She has proved she loves.. Rishabh and not RK..!

Part 3

He says.. she is wrong and he is right… he has proved there is love in RKs life.. ! Dips says.. really .. she laufs .. n asks him to turn around..!

RK turns n sees Madhu standing..! She is shocked..

Precap — RK tries to explain .. .but Madhu blocks him..! She pushes his hand away ..turns n leaves! Dips laufs and says… she din need to do anything.. n thats why she was asking him not to be happy! RK grinds his teeth!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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