Madhubala 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu calls Radha and says this place is Dhiskiyaon.. and all are great! Radha asks not asleep yet? Madhu says about to..! She asks about Radhas coufing..! Asks about Shruti and if she is taking care of Radha! Radha says u blabber so much.. go sleep ..set an alarm its first day to work! Madhu says no one to wake me up..have to set an alarm! Madhu asks Radha to come in her dreams. .n says dun scold..we will break stars! They are both teary eyed after talking to each other! Bittu comes to Madhu! Madhu says dun wanna lie.. guess mom never lied? Bittu says its not a lie.. what ur doing is for ur dida.. for her treatment.. ur mom would have understood and RK would have been proud..! Madhu asks so they were CJ? Cute Jodi? Bittu smiles n says.. ur dad was direct.. used to say things

on the face.. wished he could lie.. he was a bit sour mouthed but…! He asks her to sleep…! Bittu switches off the lights and leaves from the room ..!

Next day morning.. Madhu is talking in her sleep n says how Mumbai is too crowdy.. n Sunny wakes her up n asks who u cribbing about Mumbai? Madhu says.. talk in sleep..! Sunny says.. u talk a lot.. me and dad are going out.. u take care…! Madhu looks at the MorPankh n wishes it gud morning! Bittu wishes Madhu all the best.. n says if u work sincerely u will get all the success ! Sunny wishes her luck ..! Bittu says if u need something n Lela says i will handle.. am alive still ..! Bittu leaves..! Madhu tells Lela if u need help .. tell me..! Lela says do need help …says how she has kitty party and asks what all Lela should make? Madhu says pakode.. n kachori.. n chole puri .. n rasgulla for sweets..! Lela cribs and says.. fine.. will give u all the veggies n stuff.. u make it..! Lela says am going to parlor..! Madhu says will cut and leave for work! Lela says.. skip the work .. make an excuse.. n stay at home. .cook u can help..! Lela forces Madhu to call at her work…! Madhu calls ..! Lela says.. wow.. amazing.. ur such a great liar..! Lelas cell rings and she assures she will manage.. as she has employed a full time housemaid…! Lela leaves…! Madhu wonders who is the maid?

The doorbell rings and Madhu opens.. its Lelas daughter..! She says u look like that heroine.. Madhu says.. yeah..just look like her..! She gives Madhu her bag.. thinking she is the new maid..! Madhu thinks she is the new maid..! Madhu says wow.. servants here are TT .. Tip Top ..! Madhu asks u will have tea? She says.. without sugar..! Madhu says ..too much NN – Nakhralu Naukrani..! Madhu tells her her to chilo matar..! She is shocked..! Madhu says so u will only do jhadu kadka? The girl stomps off and runs into Sunny and fumes n walks off! He is shocked to see Madhu n asks u din go to work? Madhu says mami needed help so..skipped work..! She asks are all servants here so snooty? Sunny decides to play a prank n tells her yes… all are same.. go make her work..! He leaves from there! Madhu asks the girl to start working..! She cuts cucumber..! Madhu fumes on her..! The girl says.. who are u? Madhu says helping u .. ur the maid..! She fumes n right then Lela comes.. n she complaints to Lela about Madhu..! Madhu says u have kept her as Maid but she is not ready to work..! Lela slaps Madhu ..!

Part 2
The girl tells Lela to slap Madhu some more..! Lela says yes.. she is my daughter.. Sweetie..! Madhu says but Sunny said ..! Sweetie says.. wow made Sunny brother..! Madhu apologizes..! She says overheard u talk on the phone about new ..! Lela says i called u a maid…! Madhu is shocked..!

Madhu is still chopping veggies..! Lela keeps telling Madhu to hurry up ..! Sweetie makes Lela scold Madhu ..! She asks Madhu to make pack for Sweetie..! Sweetie says.. she is a walking oil factory.. even glasses are slipping from her nose..! Lela says dun tease. . she is ur cousin! The doorbell rings and Lela says now go get cold drinks for my friends.. n dare u complaint to Bittu or else..! Madhu is quiet..!

Part 3

All are chatting.. and Madhu brings samosas..! Lela says.. these are cold.. go heat them up in microwave..! Madhu heats them and brings it back to serve..! Madhu sneezes.. and Lela fumes..! All the friends notice n say .. ur servants face is like Madhubala Kundra..! Lela says just face..! All say.. ofcourse.. Madhubalas daughter wont work as servant afterall..! Sweetie tries to trip Madhu but she stables herself..! Lela makes Madhu serve food..! All ask if Lela cooked or her servant..! Lela says have employed a fulltime servant so why should i cook? Madhu is silent..!

Precap — Lela heats up the rod to lift hot utensils and makes Madhu lift it..! Madhu in good faith doesnt notice and ends up burning her hand ..n breaking a tea cup! Lela smirks..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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