Madhubala 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK throws the garland away as Madhu stands still n Paddo is shocked! RK says.. FULL & FINAL PACK UP of Madhu..! RK drives off!

At the mansion, Radha is worried for Rishbala …n Dips asks to chill She suggests to wait n call Bittu..!

RK returns and Radha asks where the duo had gone n where is Madhu? RK says..where she should be.. ! He asks Dips to celebrate with Vodka..! RK says .. RK has won oscar-bhaskar all awards for acting of best hubby..!

Paddo arrives with Madhu..! She asks RK why he did what he did..! Radha is confused! RK puts his feet on the staircase-handrest .. n says wish life was a tv show..could show repeat telecast..! Well .. Padmini Shamsher Malik ji .. n Radha interrupts ..! Paddo says RK duped Madhu .. n ditched her! Radha

is shocked..!

Paddo RK fooled Madhu by first promising about completing the rest three pheras.. but he ditched her..! Dips smirks! Paddo begs RK to accept Madhu ..n that she loves him a lot..n cant live without him! Paddo shows the Mangalsutra Madhu is wearing of RKs name … n tells him how she has borne the pain of hate marriage.. n doesnt want Madhu to bear this burden! RK says. .but he wants so she bends down..!

RK will see.. that enemity with RK neither lets u live.. nor die! He says.. then Madhu will repent for the 4 slaps she delved on RK! Paddo asks RK to slap her … but not to ruin Madhus life..! RK calls security n tells them to kick out anyone other than his family.. n says OUT!

Paddo screams on security dare touch Madhu..! She tells RK that she curses him that.. from today.. may God change his destiny n from now onwards may there be no happiness in RKs life. nor will he ever breathe in peace. ! She curses him that may he crave love.. forever..! May he cry .. ! BG – Tere bin sooni sooni hai rahe.. !! Sikky says. RK is a great performer.. n Kuku says.. Paddo is better! Dips blows a flying kiss to RK and says my Hero..!

Part 2

RK comes in his room .. n sees the pillow wall n throws it off his bed n says.. Alvida Madhubala AHAN..!

Dips offers RK a drink n complements him for his act..! Says.. people were mislead.. that Jungle Lion was tamed to Rabbit in love..!

Part 3

RK asks for Dips pic.. for casting her as a char of his new movie..of a characterless lady…

Dips closes in on RK n says..she wont take offense.. She says .. mistakes are made by humans.. not gods..! She says.. God cannot make pair of RK-Chawl gal..! She hugs RK n he says.. the girl he only promised to love ..he ruined her thus .. but the girl he hates.. imagine.. what he will do to her..and that.. Madhu leaving doesnt mean space for anyone else! He says. OUT!!

Precap — Paddo is walking on the street with Madhu .. BG – Tu hi mahi mera.. tu hi mera khuda tha.. tu ibadat.. tu hi bandagi.. tere bin suni suni hai. .rahe ye sari… kaise jiyun zindagi..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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