Madhubala 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bittu reassures Kothari (bank head) that what happened wont repeat..! He asks if they think they made a mistake casting Madhu or was just a gimmick? Bittu says..its a well thot decision ..n u will find the success ..!

Kothari says.. the lead actress took 25 takes.. n still shot was not ok..! Bittu says.. understand..but dun say such things about Madhu! Kothari says be professional ..n ensure this doesnt repeat or will stop cash flow..!

RK comes home … n Madhu calls out to him..! She turns to leave n RK stops her n says.. someone said that if we have sahi soch and sahi attitude then there is nothing in the world that cannot be repaired after being broken..! He shows her the poster he had torn n has stuck back again n apologizes to her..!

He tells Madhu

that one doesnt know their strength till life puts them in a spot.. where one has to fight it out..! RK says first time he shot a scene ..he was angry on Radha n din read her letter.. but that letter helped …! RK asks Madhu to read it..!He says how he was nervous on his first day first shoot.. he says felt trapped then read Radhas letter…

RK says letter says when ur to shoot.. go to a room .. think ur lonely ..and change things the way u want.. think what it should be like based on the dialogs and then try and return..! RK says sure that Madhu will become Madhubala by reading this letter! Madhu says confidently..yes..that will happen n will not stop till director says an OK ..!

Next day morning… Madhu reaches the studio early morning.. holding her ganpatii bappa..! All shocked to see her so early ..but Madhu says had to come..! Pabho is surprised to see all puja and stuff done.. n asks about Madhu n Radha says..she is where she should be!

RK and Bittu arrive at studio .. Bittu asks where is Madhu n RK says its a big day..she must be in temple fighting with Bappa.. n threatening to cry till he helps her out! Madhu in her green room prays for success..!

Today Bank Head is also on set! RK says.. Madhu will come on her own.. right then Madhu comes.. confident..! Roma says. .looking like a baeutiful piece of moon..! RK asks biwi kab aai? Madhu says.. main Anamika hun ..! Mehul says superstars come late.. not Madhu..!

Part 2

Madhu is chanting n RK joins her RK wishes her all the best! Madhu blocks out everyone around her Roma prays to Bappa to help Madhu become a superstar..! Shot starts… n Madhu delivers the lines confidently

Part 3

Madhu confidently gives the shot..! All are delighted! Madhu asks dun wanna meet again? RK says… this question is an insult.. jaise mile ..agar aise nahi mile to ..Beete kisso ko aane wale kal ki kahani kaise banaenge!

All clap ..! Mehul says PERFECT..!! Bank Head takes his words back..! Mehul gives break of half n hour..!

Madhu tells RK .. i love u.. n RK says I love u too ..! RK Madhu hug..!

Precap — Pabho says to Dips if we separate Rishbala.. we need to convince Madhu that her support will ruin RK n that is possible if we ensure she fails all the nivaran steps..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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