Madhubala 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK stops eating and walks out from there!

Madhu is listing out qualities required for AK’s would be bride..n Bebe says.. ur ad will only get responses from aunties..!

Madhu says.. u want me to write AKs marriage ad? Bebe says yes..! Madhu says did it in Mathura too..! Bebe says do it.. !

Madhu jots it down …need a girl who can bond the family and my son’s heart n so on! Bebe is delighted..n talks of giving Madhu standing ovation!

Madhu says.. a bit too much! She then says putting AK’s profile in Bebe says yes.. he is my grandson.. so …i will decide..! She tells Madhu to pray to God to get such a girl..! Madhu says.. i have all those qualities.. n others do! Bebe says.. so much misconception .. lol .. joking! Madhu says din like

it and walks off

Madhu gives Ayesha the details.. but she gets diverted

Nikhil confronts her… n tells Madhu to give ad in paper for AK’s new office..! Madhus glasses fall as she trips ..she mixes up the papers..!

Dolly is looking around for Ayesha n finds the paper for releasing Ad .. n says.. this Nikhil is useless ..cant do any work on time!

AK recollects RKs words… of leaving the industry ..

Right then Murli .. caretaker.. of Sitara studio comes n reminds AK of his first shoot. .20 years ago .. n AK says remember it all ..n says shoot was delayed n Murli says.. that was used for RK’s babys birth..! Murli says.. that girl came and ur destiny changed AK ..!

AK says that girl is my destiny? If she were here.. i did be successful again? Where is she? Murli says.. hope wherever she is.. n whenever she comes in ur life.. brings gud luck..

AK asks where is she? Madhu says here! AK asks why here? Madhu says.. Bebe said u wuld be here so came. .to thank u ..

Madhu asks so recollecting ur youth? AK glares n Madhu says.. ur first shot..! AK says.. remembered how my shot was delayed coz equipments were used by RK for his baby’s birth..! Coz of him my dad died ..hate him! He says.. never hated anyone as much as i hate Rishbala..!

Part 2

Madhu makes breakfast.. n then heads off for work..

Lela reads the ad about AK’s prospective bride and is excited..!

Dolly gives Nikhil the material of the ad n says… u cant do this much? Nikhil is shocked …

Bebe reads it and asks if AK know about it..? Madhu hasnt read n says.. yes.. n is fine with it..

Part 3

Pam fumes.. with the ad of AK’s wedding..! Nikhil says. .but AK said he will ask u ..

Pam says.. if Bebe approves..he will relent.. he is emotional fool

Nikhil says we din do it… Madhu did..

Many girls come and Bebe is about to interview them when Pam-Nikhil-Annie comes n she fumes n decides to divert them. .

Bebe calls Pam aside… asks to press her leg.. n then says.. get meds..! Bebe locks her in the room n leaves..!

Precap — A girls dad.. tells AK.. if he wants he can match kundli ..but AK says what? AK asks kundli ..marriage? Bebe shows AK the ad n he fumes on Madhu ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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