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The Episode starts with Madhu telling Bhanu that RK will not leave him. He asks het to shut her mouth and ties her. Leela comes home and talks to Sweety, asking her to come back, she has left Dida in hospital and it will be peace a home now. She sees the lock open and says what did I do. She gets inside and is shocked to see Bhanu inside. She says you here, why are you here, you broke the lock. Bhanu says yes, but I will not break your heart, I came here to give you something, I will rest here for few days and hope you won’t have any problem. She says what, but you have a palace like home, why will you live here in this small broken house. He laughs and says you are afraid of me.

She says no, by this gun, not you. He says go and make food for two people. She says two? And looks around asking is

there anything. He says I kidnapped someone and locked in that room. She is shocked. He says if anyone knows this, then you won’t even get Kiryakaram, as your son is in Delhi and daughter in Pune and husband wandering. He gives her money and she gets glad seeing it. She says even if Ram ji comes, I will tell him there is no one at my home. She asks who is the other guest. He says Bhanu. She says Madhu? Why is she here? Bhanu says I have a plan, RK will find her everywhere and won’t think she is locked up here in her home.

He says you have sharp mind. He says I will make Dau ji beg for money now. He asks for food. She says I will bring now. The doctor checks RK. Everyone look on. The doctor says he has internal wound and can’t do out. RK asks him is he married. He says yes. RK asks if someone kidnaps his wife, will he keep quiet in fever. He says no one can stop me from going, I will not leave him. He says do what you can, I can do anything to save my life. The doctor gives the prescription. Agni says I will bring it. Doctor leaves.

Dau ji says we will report in police. RK says police won’t do anything, I will find Bhanu. Dau ji asks where will you find him. RK says I have many men, I will ask them to find him, once I see him, he won’t be seen in the world. Bhanu calls RK and says tell Dau ji that I want 30 crores, else you won’t get Madhu and heir. RK fumes. Dau ji asks what did Bhanu say.

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Bhanu comes to Madhu and frees her hand asking her to have food. He says I got sweets as you are pregnant. I brought food for your child. He is very lucky to be of 30 crores even being born. He says he is doing this, as RK wants you and Dau ji wants the heir. He says I told Dau ji to do anything, but give me 30 crores, I don’t think you are Rs 3 lakh also, lets see how much RK values you. Dau ji will give me money or not, RK will get property but will he sell it, I will leave this country when I get money, then you stay with RK and give the heir to Dau ji, if you try to run, then I will shoot you. He says you will die with the child.

He asks her to decide, and have food, else he will shoot her. Madhu eats the food and he smiles saying she is smart, now I sure you worry about you and your child. She says RK promised me he won’t lift gun and I saw his love for the first time, you have beaten him, but he did not beat you. She says I have seen his love and now you see his hatred now. He says you will need this gun, not me, I m not scared now. You won’t be saved everytime.

Dau ji talks to someone and asks him to sell his property. He says what, only 8 crores after selling this, fine sell my haveli too. RK says no Dau ji. Dau ji says why. RK says where will we live. Dau ji says anywhere, I have to save my bahu, what will I do of money if I don’t have heir. RK says I will bring her safe. Agni says you get fine first. Bhanu calls Agni and she goes to talk. He asks her are they arranging money. She says yes, Dau ji is ready but RK is stopping him. He asks her to keep him informed. She asks why did you beat my Dau ji. He says don’t go with emotions, what did Dau ji with us, what wrong in this, the matter is same, I want his property, I will give Rs 5 crores to you, then stay life peacefully with Ashok. She says who will live with him if I get 5 crores, I will stay with freedom. He laughs and says great.

Bhanu asks Leela to cut the onion straight. She shows him is this fine. He says no, make it small and finely chopped. She does and shows him again. He says no, mix them. He says we are sitting here to keep Madhu here, we will get money. Leela is glad. He says tell me which flat you want and I will give you. She says I understood I will manage Madhu. He says manage her child. She thinks is Madhu pregnant. He says you will get flat if you take care of her baby, make her eat well, I should not bear the loss. She says fine, what should I do now. He says get ready to leave form here and smiles.

RK thinks where is Madhu, she needs me and she is in Bhanu’s clutches. He thinks about her words. Dau ji comes and says I will sell everything but get Madhu back, don’t worry. He calls inspector and asks about Madhu. He says arrest Bhanu, do anything. RK looks on.

RK gets a call that Bhanu is found. Agni is shocked. RK says he took Madhu to her house and smiles.

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