Madhubala 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is shocked to see RK holding the gun

She tries to stop RK n says. all will end. he cant do this n RK she wont stop him n walks down and Madhu chases him..!

Madhu asks Radha to stop RK .. n asks her how can she see one brother killing another?! RK stops in his tracks!

RK asks what? That guy is his bro? Madhu says.. Sultan is RKs brother! MKs son.. n RK says. .this is a lie..

RK says wont believe even if the world says.. ! Madhu asks Radha to tell the truth…!

Radha is mum n RK asks Radha what is it she wants to tell him? RK asks Radha all this is lie right? Sultan is not his bro? All this is lie say .. he screams n Radha breaksdown.. n RK is stumped!

He is shocked.. n drops the gun … He falls on his knees on the floor

..n says NO .. No ..all this is a lie..! RK screams.. PAPPA…
He looks at the newspaper n then the gun ..n gets up .. ! He puts the gun on his forehead and Madhu is shocked All scream no. .n Madhu moves the gun away..n bullet is fired in the air..!

Madhu asks if he is nuts? RK says. .coz his wife n mom are making him believe the worlds biggest and dirtiest lie! He asks Radha again..! He says.. dads reputation is getting tarnished.. MK is not RK .. MK is MK ..he is a good guy ..tell its a lie..! Radha says cant… as he did make a mistake n its the TRUTH…!!

She says sorry to RK …n says tried to hide..! She says Sultan is his step bro and she has spent her entire married life in the shadow of this truth!

She tells RK to accept the truth..! RK is speechless..! RK asks why she hid it for so long?

Radha asks how to tell? RK says. Radha used to tell how MK was a great guy..ideal hubby n loving dad.. but he wasnt.. ! Radha says..what to do? Cant see him broken!

RK fumes that Radha lied to him always.. let him worship a wrong guy! RK asks why she din tell him before? RK says.. once Radha said..MK would have been ashamed of a son like RK .. but no he did been proud ..coz he inherited dirt in his blood!

Madhu comes close to RK n RK asks to stay away saying he is a bad and filthy guy … n his dad was a bad guy too n he is that guys… n rushes to his room..!

Madhu says..should have told earlier.. RK is broken..

Part 2

RK comes to his room .. Madhu asks him to keep calm ..n RK picks up the rocking chair .. n is walking out when phone rings.. n Dips puts the phone on speaker.. its SULTAN!

He asks .. Dard kaisa lag raha hai RK? The sting of the slap of truth not just makes the cheeks red but also marks the soul… ! Sultan says. .this truth must have made him realise his true identity..! Madhu fumes n is about to pick the phone when RK stops her..! ! Din get ? Lemme explain ..! Rishabh Kundra .. ur broken .. .its only RISHAB .. the K of Kundra is GONE!

Part 3

Sultan says.. his dad married.. Sultans mom. .Meera first.. so before marrying Radha.. MK was married already.. so his marriage to Radha is illegal.. !

Sultan asks.. RK does it feel. Rishabh? The man he humiliated… called

by destinys he is RKs brother..! RK fumes.. ! Sutlan says ..for every slap ..and for every insult.. how does it feel . Mr. Rishabh ..without a surname.. how does it feel without an identity ?? Sultan asks how does it feel that Kundra is with him . n he is the illegitimate son of that same FATHER!

Sultan says hated u .. a lot n u too hated me. .he fought n lost something.. n he knows what he lost.. and today he lost one battle.. n lost his all ..! Sultan says.. har gaya aaj kabhi na harne wala Rishabh Kundra.. no . .only RISHABH ..sirf RISHABH!

Screen freezes on RK n Sultans faces..

Precap —- RK is burning the chair near lakeside..and is about to walk in the fire when Madhu stops him n asks ..what is he doing? Leaving her n going? Dont he dare. .n RK is teary eyed n says.. cant die..coz died a while back.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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