Madhubala 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu inquires where Roma is and Roma is lost in thoughts about the money with Trish..! Pandit arrives to fix wedding date..quick ones.. ! Paddo suggests for simple wedding .. but Madhu n Roma will b grand..! Trish also convinces Paddo..! 23rd Jan is the date!

Madhu notices Trish all quiet n she notices.. Paddo-Roma bonding..! Madhu suggests to do something for Shammo-Paddo..! She takes them down the staris with closed eyes… n says..something fun is enroute!

Its Mehendi ceremony .. with Sangeet..! Song – Mehendi hai rachne wali..! All smile.. ! Roma asks Trish to come aside to talk of the cash but Trish avoids..! She and Madhu close in to Paddo-Shammo n inquire about how they like it all.. ..! Roma tells Paddo that seems God is himself getting them married..!! Mehendi Hassan comes and says.. RK has sent him specially for the ceremony ..! Madhu blushes!

Mehendi asks Madhu her name.. n she says.he forgot.. ! He says .. her name is what she looks like… CHAND biwi..! Madhu gets mehendi put and recollects RKs words of a proper wedding..! Madhus cell rings.. its RK ..! Madhu cant pick it up.. so Roma helps..! She excuses herself go meet RK!

RK is shooting a romantic scene … Madhu comes ..! RKs arm is around the actresses waist.. n the guy says.. RK is king of romance.! Madhu feels awkward! RK sees Madhu …! He feels awkward shooting the scene..! All wonder the matter..! He asks for break..! RK asks Madhu how she is.. n both feel awkard.. they walk towards the vanity ..! Both talk awkwardly before Madhu mentions the scene..! RK asks why she is quiet? Madhu says.. he is quiet..!

Part 2

RK calls up driver to drop Madhu ..! Madhu asks about his shot n he says…have to redo..! Madhu feels bad n says..coz of her..! RK holds her pinky finger with his..! RKs called for shot..!

Part 3

RK gives Madhu a gift n notices her mehendi with RK written..! He says..mehendi is better form of keechad but on pretty hands it looks pretty! Rishbala eyelock! RK holds Madhus face..!

Precap — RK tells Dips that his Biwi has topped… she has proved that she loves Rishabh ..n not RK n she has left all RKs wealth to go with Rishabh ! Dips says.. Madhu has topped the exam of love that he has taken?? RK says..yes.. Dips asks him to look back n he does n freezes!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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