Madhubala 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu gets down at Borivali station in Mumbai..! She feels uncomfy with all the crowd .. pushing .. pulling..!

Madhu asks Kanha ji to support her…! She boards an auto to Bandra East (calls it Bandar)

The radio is on and its Abhay Kapoor and Madhu is elated..! Abhay is celebrating 20 years to his debut success at 18 yrs..! Abhay is asked what has changed n he says nothing. .was a superstar n am a superstar…city is same..!

Madhu grins

Madhu asks addresses but no one responds initially and later does..! She arrives at his home n rings on the door..! Lela opens n recollects Bittus words of meeting Madhu in Mathura..! Lela thinks.. she is of no use without her parents or their money. .n says no Bittu doesnt stay here..! She locks the door n leaves!

Madhu is shocked.. !

She asks auto about some guest house ..nearby and he asks for extra money..! Someone comes n says.. dun fool the girl … n asks him to leave..! Madhu blabbers what to do now? She asks for autostand n the guy offers to drop her with his taxi..! Meantime Mdhu faints..!

The guy splashes water on Madhu n Madhu gets up in someones house and is scared..! The guy says ur face is similar to the superstar Madhu n she says just face..!

She asks who are u? He says.. relax.. brought u in coz u fainted.. u called me bro protecting u..! He says everyone thinks that they are pigeons coming to Mum n we are eagles.. attacking them.. nothing like that! She asks for her luggage .. he says its here..!

He asks anyone u wanna inform u r here? She says yes..!

Radha tells Sushma.. glad Madhu reached Kanpur safely ..difficult to spend life without her..! She prays to Kanha to keep Madhu safe and happy ..! Sushma says u r in pain but asking for Madhu …relax all will be well ..!

The doorbell rings n the guy asks Madhu to open n she does… its.. Bittu & Lela ..! Bittu is delighted to meet Madhu n Lela fumes on her..! The guy (Sunny) turns out to be Bittu-Lelas son n says.. she fainted so brought her here! Lela chides him n asks Madhu to leave! Bittu pulls Lela aside..

Bittu says Rishbala considered me a bro … Madhu has right to stay in this house! Lela fumes n says.. u spoke enough.. did u take my permission to invite her? Bittu says Rishbala have done lot of favour on us.. n this house is made by RKs money! Lela says go pick up some beggar too . .n Bittu fumes..!

Part 2

Bittu tells Lela that Madhu shouldnt find out who Rishbala were..! Lelas phone rings.. she is excited to find out about some deal working out..!

Sunny says now countdown to door opening n it does..! Bittu tells her Lela wants u to stay as well …

Madhu is hesitant but Bittu says calling me Mama-Chacha n hesitating.. u r staying here only!

Part 3

Bittu introes Sunny-Madhu to each other.. ! Bittu says Madhu patted Lelas tummy n u were born Sunny n Madhu says.. was SB without u.. Super Bore!

Madhu thanks for help to Kanha. n Lela comes n says.. support household chores monetarily by 2000 per month n then help me too..!

Madhu says will give u money after every month end..! Lela says no too much sound.. dun harass.. ! Madhu says fine!

She tells Kanha time to be naughty like u..!!

Precap — Radha tells Madhu to go to work on time..n she says no one to wake me up either..! Both are teary eyed! Madhu says sleep early so u can come in my dreams..! Bittu reassures Madhu..!

Update Credit to: armu4eva

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