Madhubala 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mehul says its only my right to say Pack up.. RK says pack up means pack up..! RK walks off.. n Mehul follows..! Murthy fumes! RK tells Bittu to call car..n Mehul says its Madhus first day.. it happens! RK says the woman he is defending is my wife.. Madhu wasnt here.. a wife lost in thots had come here! Mehul says u cant do this to ur movie! RK says its my movie..whether i shoot or dun not ur business! Murthy reports status to his boss about how Madhus poor performance let to pack up! RK fumes but leaves from shoot! Madhu breaksdown! She recollects all the bad predictions about her ..!

Madhu prays to Bappa as to why he is doing this to her ?? Roma comes to her… n she hugs her n cries! Roma reassures her that on first day all this happens..! Roma asks if there is some other

issue?? Madhu says just want that RK is happy and all his troubles are over!

Bank head expresses shock about how shot got cancelled! Amar says this was expected…n if he wants ..he can cancel the loan! Kuku tells the Bank head that mahurat doesnt mean movie.. he has bet on an injured horse … which will result into losses..!!! Amar says RK ek dubta hua suraj hai. .jo uske sath judega ..woh bhi dubega..! Amar scares the bank head saying his job could be on line. ..! Amar tells Kuku that RK is finished..! Kuku says its not based on Amars words.. but Madhu turned out to be a fizzle..! Amar says this movie of RKs will never be completed..!

Pabho is worried and Radha asks to stay strong! RK storms inside and goes to his room! Radha asks the matter.. Madhu enters right then..! All ask her.. ! Bittu suggests Madhu to rest..! Pabho shuts him up ..! She sends off Dips to get water for Madhu..! Pabho scares Madhu more saying Brahmins curse works..!

RK tells Mehul that dun wanna talk on this… i know whats good or bad for the movie..! Pabho keeps scaring Madhu more n talking of more nivarans ..! RK looks at Rishbala poster and tears it off as Madhu watches shocked! RK asks Madhu what is up with her? Why was she not there…?? All working hard but she was just not there!

Part 2

Madhu says was there … nothing was wrong.. n doing with whole heart! RK asks u chose to help out.. then why ?? Madhu says but.. RK says every friday industry changes.. there are two rules.. in the industry.. hit or flop n Madhu has brought him to flop ..! RK says.. Superstar RK ka DAUR Khatam..!! RK walks off..!

Dips is pressing Pabhos leg and she says good improvement..! supporting well ..! She asks what next?? Pabho says keep pressing leg..! Pabho says let Madhu burn in the fire.. so much that she leaves the movie or RK throws her out..!

Part 3

RK is called up by reporters about cancellation of shoot..! Bittu too calls RK .. ! RK fumes on Bittu ..n says thats ur job..! Amar is on radio and says.. mahurat n new subject movies are declared every other day.. this movie will never be complete! RK drives his car faster.. n has a flat tyre..! RK starts to change tyres and recollects moments with Madhu ..! He feels guilty..! He says sorry. out loud!

Precap – Bittu tells Bank Head that he wont feel need to withdraw finance.! Bank Head says we have to ensure that money is properly utilized. n if second day shoot is also this bad.. will cancel loan!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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