Madhubala 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells Bittu that my Boss is a very nice guy and he has asked me to move to the new location with my entire family and if i said no.. he wuld have felt bad! Bittu is still uncertain..and can i come with u? Madhu says.. when i came in this city.. new.. u gave me shelter.. n now i have a house. .n want u to move with me..! Sunny agrees and says.. we decided to stay with Madhu so.. no matter whose house it is.. we should stay together! Bittu-Sunny-Madhu arrive at the chawl..! Bittu is taken aback..! Its the same place where Madhu (snr) used to live..! Madhu feels strange and looks around ..! Bittu is remembering the past and also spots AK’s poster where RKs poster used to be put up..! Madhu-Bittu reach the chawl flat.. and Madhu is feeling weird as she opens the door..!

Sunny asks her the matter and Madhu says.. dunno feel weird..! They enter Pallo-Trish-Madhu’s flat and Sunny asks the matter? Madhu says.. i feel as if i have been here.. before.. its like deja vu. just like i felt..when i entered AK’s home.. feel a bit connected! Sunny says.. AK gave u this gift so u feel so..! Sunny says.. i will get the other luggage u wait here! Sunny leaves.. Bittu enters and self thot.. a person cant run away from two things..’ur past and ur shadow’ ..! Bittu says.. destiny has brought Madhu right where Madhu (snr) story started..!He wonders what is in store? Bittu recollects.. moments with Madhu .. how he had swore to reunite Rishbala and asked Madhu never to forget RK! Madhu asks Bittu the matter? Dun say something went in ur eye! Bittu says.. trying to understand life..sometimes.. life brings u at such crossroads u r unable to figure ..! Bittu goes to get luggage..!

Sunny gives Madhu a bag and says.. u made me coolie n not listening to me! Madhu says.. Bittu is upset about fight with Lela.. n all is coz of me.. if i had told everyone i work at AK’s place..this wont have happened! Sunny says.. if u take AK’s name .. u hv no idea how Bittu wuld have reacted.. so for now.. lets keep it between us! Bittu self thot. .wish culd tell Madhu this is the place from where the story of RK-Madhu’s ishq aur junoon story started..! He says.. that past is now ur present.. Madhu but swear to u.. this Bittu is always with u..!

Next day morning.. Madhu says.. culdn cook there was no gas! Sunny says.. told packing guys to get all luggage.! Madhu says.. yes.. need it as we dun get anything except.. poha.. n in Mathura we get.. chole bature..jalebit etc! Sunny says.. forget now! Madhu says.. dida says.. ‘raat gai..baat gai’ ‘beeti tahe bisra de..aage ki sud le’ .. Madhu asks Bittu if he is listening to her? Bittu says dun like talking while eating! Sunny says.. where i got upma.. from .. saw Lela-Sweetie! Madhu asks they look tired? Sunny says yes.. looked they were wandering all nite! Bittu says din ask them to separate..! Madhu says. .go n bring them.. its a new day.. lets start afresh! Bittu says. .i din end anything to restart something! Madhu says. .. she din want ..but u din woo her.. go bring her back! Bittu says no.. n Madhu insists..! Bittu says.. ur almost like Chief as in. .ur dad..! Bittu says.. whole life listened to RK .. but wont listen to u..! Bittu walks off! Madhu asks Bittu to eat..! Sunny asks.. what kind of idea is this? Madhu says.. just thot to insist a bit but he left.. what to do now?

Chawl lady identifies Bittu n says.. u used to come to meet Madhu (snr) right? Bittu fakes ignorance! The lady says. .u used to come with RK .. btw that girl living with u is Madhu (snr) daughter right? Bittu is quiet.. ! Right then Lela comes n says. no . .not at all ..! Bittu is shocked seeing her..! Lela says.. she is not Madhu (Snrs) daughter.. she is a distant relative..! The lady says..her face .. and Lela says.. ur face is like Surpanakha.. but cant cast u in Ramayan! The lady says.. dun get angry. .leaving.. as such all else have left ..! She leaves! Lela tells Bittu. .why stare at me.. did what u wanted .. to hide Madhu’s identity…!

Part 2
Part 2

Lela says sorry to Bittu and asks him to forgive her..! He says.. say sorry to Madhu not me..! Madhu is shocked..! Lela says sorry to Madhu and Sweetie too ..! Madhu says not needed..this is all our home..! She says.. forget all .. rest and i m getting late.. so leaving..! Madhu asks Bittu to smile and he her..! Lela is trying to woo Bittu but he walks off! Lela says. .thankfully got a place to live..!

Part 3

Dolly tells Bebe.. i made breakfast for u and all .. ur fave.. karele ka achar! Bebe says dun give it to Pam …or she will spill more venom! Bebe asks Dolly where is Ayesha.. and she says at college..! Bebe asks about RK … n Dolly says no idea! Nikhil-Annie start to eat and Bebe says lets wait a while. .why the rush? Pam offers to call AK .. and Bebe says.. ‘Ghar todne aur roti todne ke alava jab tu koi kaam karti hai to bahut aacha lagta hai.. ‘ go! Pam says take care ..u just had heartattack! Bebe says but am not dead..!

Right then AK comes all decked up and greets all ..! Dolly says.. AK looks so handsome ! He gives Nikhil an ad to release .. n says.. since not working.. need a place to start office..! Pam asks office? Bebe says lets eat first..! Dolly says.. eat.. or i will Khamosh all ..! AK is about to eat and Nikhil reminds AK ..that today is the day when AK gave his first shot of his first movie..! AK freezes.. and Bebe sulks..! Nikhil smirks!

Precap —- A guy says feel like that girl is connected to ur destiny..! The moment she was born.. RK quit movies and u went on to become a superstar..! AK says …so u mean..that if that girl comes here.. i will be successful again? The guy says yes..! AK wonders where the girl is and Madhu says.. I am here! AK is stunned..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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