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Madhubala 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhanu aiming gun at everyone. He asks them how will he fight with him if they can’t lift guns. He says I came here to take Madhu, I will keep her with me for nine months and when she delivers the baby, I will do his upbringing with guns and make him a big animal. He says don’t act smart else I will shoot Madhu right now and the child will die now. Bhanu calls a RK a fool to promise he won’t lift guns, now how will he save his wife and child. Everyone is shocked. Bhanu says great and says I know today how well Tara plays dhol, come on sing. He pushes her on the floor and asks her to play dhol and sing. Dau ji says Bhanu…….. Tara plays the dhol crying.

He slaps her and everyone is shocked. RKs says Bhanu….don’t touch my sister. Tara is shocked seeing Bhanu’s

real face and cries. Bhanu says get up, you keep Karwachauth for me and singing for them who has sent me to jail. Dau ji says stay in limit Bhanu. Bhanu says you stay in limit Dau ji, else I will throw you down and your bones will break, you promised you won’t lift guns to please Madhu, you made her your heir, now I will punish you. RK says Bhanu, you are here because of Dau ji and counts Dau ji’s favors. RK says I would have killed you if I did not swear to not lift guns. Bhanu says I know you won’t lift gun and won’t break the promise, you look like Falguni, widow, helpless.

He holds Falguni’s neck as she is going to remarry. Madhu comes and pushes Bhanu asking Bhabhi to go to her room and shut the door. Bhabhi leaves. Bhanu says wow, love on these people, as you have their heir in your womb, if I kill you then. Dau ji says Bhanu, don’t touch her, tell me what you want. Bhanu says see what is Dau ji saying now, as you are giving him his heir, he is ready to give me anything, it’s a happy time, so you will dance with me. He holds Madhu’s hand and RK beats him. He says how dare you touch my Rani. They have a tiff as Bhanu aims the gun at RK.

RK throw the gun and beats up Bhanu, saying I will break your hand for touching my Rani. Madhu is shocked. Dau ji asks RK to break his promise and kill him. RK says no, I will show him his place without lifting a gun. Bhanu’s goons come and aim the guns at everyone. Bhanu beats RK and says you will beat me. Dau ji asks Madhu to ask RK to break the promise and lift the gun. Madhu is quiet and shocked to see RK hurt and fallen on the ground.

Madhu holds him and asks Bhanu to leave her hand. Bhanu says your husband is emotional as he knows you have his heir, so I will leave Dau ji and RK here, come with me now. Dau ji asks Bhanu to leave Madhu. Bhanu pushes Dau ji and he falls. Tara says you can’t touch my Dau ji. Bhanu says stop it and scolds her. He says if I don’t worry about Dau ji, why you, be here. He asks Madhu to come with him, else he will kill everyone. Madhu looks at RK and Bhanu drags her taking her with him.

RK calls out Rani…….. Dau ji asks RK to get up. RK faints. Dau ji asks Agni to call doctor fast. Dida coughs and Leela does not care, thinking she is acting to avoid work. Dida calls Leela. She sees Kanha’s idol and says I feel something wrong is going to happen with Madhu, please save her. Dida says I m feeling difficulty to breath. Leela says why did you have cold water. Dida says I did not. Leela argues. Dida says take me to doctor. Leela says first have medicines which are at home. Dida says no, take me to doctor. Leela says be quiet, I m doing all work alone, and you talk non stop, I know you are doing drama to trouble me.

Dida cries. Leela says stop it now, Agni took you there, why did you come back to me. Dida prays to Kanha and asks what did I do that you are showing me this day. Leela scolds her. Dida says I did a mistake. Dida falls and Leela says come with me to hospital. Dida says leave me in any ashram, I can’t hear bitter words. Leela says you met me here, don’t meet me up there. Come before anything happens. Tara is upset as Bhanu has beaten Dau ji. Dau ji says its mistake of my fate, not you, Lord saved us from him. RK wakes up.

RK asks where is Madhu. He asks Dau ji to keep hand on his head and tell where is Madhu. Dau ji says Bhanu took her by force. RK fumes and says I will not leave him. He gets up and Dau ji stops him. RK says I will go to punish Bhanu. Dau ji says doctor will come to check you then we will see. RK says no, I don’t have time, if I can’t save her, then I m useless. Tara says you are unable to stand, wait. Dau ji says first plan to get him. RK says I will find out and not leave him. Tara folds her hand and asks him to stop. Dau ji holds RK. Bhanu and his goons bring Madhu to a dark place. They put her in a bag and bring her in a house(looks like Madhu’s house by the door) . He asks the goons to go and keep an eye outside.

Bhanu brings her out and she asks where did he bring her. He removes the black cloth off her eyes. Madhu looks around and panics. Bhanu smiles seeing her.

Bhanu calls RK and asks him to tell Dau ji that he wants Rs 20 crores, else he won’t get Madhu and his heir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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