Madhubala 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu ask RK about what work he told Ballu to Do. RK says nothing special its just for a small role in a movie. Madhu shares with RK what ballu was saying about being as a father. Bittu ji comes and RK tells I want a cup of tea. Madhu leaves. RK tells BJ to tell ballu not to come in this house again.Trishna puts the money inside and roma comes and sees the money. Trishna tells that I had signed a movie and my dreams will come true. Roma gets happy. Trishna tells that the producer is Balraj choudhary. Roma gets shocked. Pado comes and screems. Shamo is there also. Pado gets tensed and says that r you ok. Roma says that you are seeing her na, she is all fine. And taunts Trishna that she went and signed the movie with Balraj. Trishna says that he doesnt recognise me. Shamo says one day he will recognise you. Pado tries to explain to her but Trishna doesnt listen. Shamo, pado and Roma says that Then you have to choose between film and us. Trishna says that when everything was fine with RK and madhu then no one told Madhu to choose between RK and family. Trishna then realises that its a dream
Trishna says that I can never choose. Roma comes and Trish says that lets do some preparations

RK mansion. the lawyer is present and the lawyer reads the wil.. Madhu comes and listens it. 50 crores to radha ji. 10 crore to dips and sikki. 10 crore to shamo and pado. 10 crores to bittu ji. 10 crores to trishna. Madhu is in tears. The lawyer says that you didnt saved any money for you. RK says that what I wanted, I have it now. And i am the richest person on earth. Madhu still in tears. Lawyer leaves. RK says that are these tears for the reason of me not saving any money for us. Madhu says that these tears are for this that the thing which you left for me, whether I will be able to take care of it. RK says but I didnt left anything for you. Madhu says that you did. You left yourself, RK for me. Madhu hugs RK tightly. RK hugs her back and smiles.

Part 2

Shamo comes arguing that I will not wear this as its my age. Roma says that just chill and wear this you will look like a hero. Pado is smiling. Roma feels that Trish is not feeling good. Trish comes to pado for help. Pado says I will do it. Roma still feels uneasy and has a flashback about Trishna shifting her cloths to her place. Roma escuses herself.

Madhu huging RK. Madhu says that how will I take care of this. RK smiles and says that If i knew that you are coming in my life then I would never buyed a washing machine as you clean my cloaths with your tears RK says that do this two times a day. Madhu says I LOVE YOU RK. Madhu says that if this time you made a fun out of it then this jungli billi will eat you. RK smiles and says I LOVE You. But not more then you. Madhu says that I love you the most. RK says that no one can do anything more then RK. Madhu says Shut up and I love you the most. Both RK Madhu smile after a silence and hug eachother

Part 3

Roma comes and closes the door and wonders there is something wrong as Trishna never hides anything. Roma checks out the room. She sees the money of Trishna. Money falls over her and she gets shocked.
Precap: RK brings a gift for Madhu. madhu has her mehndi on and says that slowly as he hands over to her. RK sees the mehndi and says that “Mehndi, RK?” RK smiles and says that Mehndi is beautiful when its on a beautiful hands.

Update Credit to: Dimple

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