Madhubala 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu says that with her job in mumbai she can cure Radha.. but how to leave her and go? And what if she finds out am going to Mumbai? Shruti assures she will take care of Radha ! She says.. every month she will earn 20000 so now focus on that..! Madhu prays to PK n to leave Radha and go who sacrificed her life for me..! She begs for a push to start! Right then the chit with Bittus address falls on her lap..! Madhu sees it and resolves.. am going to Mumbai..!

Radha tells Madhu dun want u to go out of Mathura ever.. i know u wanna do this for my treatment. .but i wont let u..! Madhu tells Radha i know u worry for me.. its Kanpur.. n its so near! Radha says it takes 5 hours to reach Kanpur! Madhu says .. by working i will get salary n then we can treat u..! Ur

my world! Radha says ur my world..too to live without u? Madhu asks Radha to look at her! Radha says.. no wont melt..! Madhu says try and understand..! She says i dun have my parents.. only memories which u gave me.. so u r my all ..!

Madhu gets call from her employer n is told to inform her decision! Sushma/Suhasini tries to explain to Radha that u have educated Madhu so much.. to make her independent then why? Radha says yes. .but not to go away ..! Sushma asks u dun trust her ? Madhu tells Shruti ..Radha trusts me just dun wanna let me go far! She worries about going out of Mathura..! Shruti says.. if Radha finds out about Mumbai.. what will happen?

Sushma says Kanpur is nearby.. let her go..! Radha asks Madhu to eat but she says no! Radha says fine wont take meds then! Madhu relents..! Radha says how RK loved gobi ki sabzi a bit burnt..! Radha says how RK called Madhu BIWI … n her .as BETI..! Radha says.. loved u as a baby ..n u used to love me! Madhu says i love u even now! She says sorry for earlier! Radha asks to extend her hand n Madhu says.. hit lovingly …! Radha places idol of Kanha on her hand …n says keep it close to u.. always.. here or Kanpur! Madhu is delighted..!

She tells Shruti and they discuss about life in Mumbai ..the buses.. sea shore …Abhay Kapoor..! They kiss AKs pic and rejoice BG-Hum to aise hai bhaiyaa..!

Part 2

Madhu wakes up telling stop . .am coming..! Radha says.. u talk even in sleep. .now wake up..! Radha asks where will u stay in Kanpur.. Madhu lies saying company will arrange! Radha is packing Madhus things..! While taking towel out to pack… Radha drops the Mumbai ticket but Madhu hides.. it..! Radha offers to see her off but Madhu says.. no need..will go alone!

Part 3

Radha sees-off Madhu and asks her to take care..! Madhu says will do so! Shruti assures to look after Radha! Shruti asks what is Madhu doing? Madhu says Radha wasnt agreeing..! Madhu gets on the bus to Kanpur..! Radha is teary eyed..! Madhu asks her to smile..! Bus starts..! Madhu tells PK .. u too din return to Vrindavan ever.. am doing same.. so..!

Precap — Madhu reaches Mumbai and gets on rick to go to Bandra East!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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