Are we made for each other TS Part 1

Not a word not even a single word came out of her mouth. Her trembling lips, her teeth biting her lower lip and tear filled eyes. I don’t know what should I do or I can. I am Sanskar Mehra a big star of Bollywood but got wrapped around the tiny fingers of this simple girl Swara Kumar. Just two words made my nights sleepless made me love stricken puppy. Her simple way of expressing the truth, her pure heart made me fall for her. For now we are standing in her hotel room.
Swara please don’t make us this much complicated I love you yaar I said looking at her broken form. I know how much she is holding her love for me in her heart but what is the reason.

Please Sir leave this room I am tired of explaining you that its just an attraction she said packing her bag. I don’t know what should I do to halt her doing. I just pulled her and pinned her on the wall kissing her senselessly giving damn about her reactions. Yes I am selfish I am but that selfishness is for her.
Six months back……..

Swara POV…….
I am looking at the interiors of this beautiful mansion. I was just waiting for this moment since two years. Yes I am a budding author and for my first ever story I was searching for real life male protagonist to define the character that’s when I came across Sanskar Mehra. I researched on him and then came to a conclusion he is the one I am looking for. After so many attempts I travelled all alone from Chennai to Mumbai to meet him and today I am going to meet him.
A girl wearing pencil skirt and shirt holding an Ipad came to me. Maam Sir will come in few minutes you plz wait in that room She said and showed me a room. I just nodded yes and muttered a thanking leading myself to the room. The room is just looking like a royal suite and I very carefully sat on that cozy sofa. This place is just like the one I thought and took my notepad. I was engrossed in my writing that I didn’t feel someone’s presence other than me in this room. When felt a constant gaze piercing me I looked up to see him his blackish brown eyes with a tint of emptiness in it. I immediately got up adjusting myself.
I am sorry Sir I was just I shuttered and saw corner of his lips curved upwards. Please sit he said and I just sat down consciously.
So Swara can I know what is your purpose to visit me he asked. That time I lost my tongue but I took some courage and explained him about my work.

Sanskar’s POV……….
Today is Sunday the day which I always enjoy to the fullest but to my fate I have an appointment to meet a girl Swara Kumar. My PA told me that she was trying to meet me for past two months and she just need 5 minutes of my time.
I got ready and My PA told me that she is waiting in my parents room as they were in out station. I just entered the room thinking about the faking scream and lovely dovey talks but to my surprise that girl is simply writing something in her notepad. She was so engrossed that she didn’t saw me sitting right in front of her.
I was just looking at her way of dressing her hair which is plaited in the front side and she is so natural. Her hands halted for a second and slowly she looked up. God those eyes black eyes but I am unfortunate she suddenly stood up adjusting her dress.

I am sorry Sir I was just she shuttered making me smile. Please sit I said and asked what made her to meet me. She explained that she is a budding author and while searching for real life protagonist she found me resembling her hero.
What made you think like that Swara I asked and the answer she said made me surprised. I watched your movies Sir and analysed your body language that you are self centered man but thinks about your loved ones first, keep your famiy above all loves to admire small things she said. Damn she is so right about me.
Pretty impressed Swara so what help you want I asked. I have few questions Sir so that I can define my character more she said and took a paper, recorder.So can I start she asked and I nodded.
“So Sir what is your real age”
“Well 33 and yours”
“I am 19 and next question what will you do when you are happy and when you are sad and when you are frustrated helpless”

“When I am happy I share it with my Mom what thing made me happy, when I am sad I will ask suggestion from my Dad and frustrated and helpless I will just do what the first thing comes in my mind”
“Ok then from your past encounters with women what do you think about a woman”
“A woman …..well I think a woman should always be like joining a relationship it may be any relationship so this what I think”
“Ok sir Of the character you have played which one took the best out of yours”
“I will say the conman role took a face of mine”
“Hmm…. Thank you sir for this wonderful session It will really help me” She said and started to pack her things.
That’s it I asked for which she said Yes. Yeah Sir these are things I wanted to clear she said started to leave but I stopped her.
Swara I just wanted to know more about your story why not a coffee I asked and she was looking at her watch and then locking her few strands back of ear.
But Sir I don’t like to be the talk of the town You know what I mean She said with worriedness in her eyes. I just admire this small girl.
Swara a coffee in my garden I think its ok for you I said and she nodded.

Third POV……..
Both came to the garden and she was admiring the flowers just like a small kid. She even now don’t know this is a coffee date and through this time Sanskar can see that she is just straight forward about things which she analyse and Swara even told about his flaws very clearly. She is just pure at heart. Even after its been an hour she left his mansion her presence, her smell, her laughter is still filled those walls of his mansion.
So a love is going to bloom soon but will it happen like roses of bed lets see it.

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