Are we made for each other TS Epilogue

Epilogue. …….
Three Years Later……..

In London a church is very beautifully decorated with white and violet color roses. Few men and women were chatting and Flower boys and girls are getting ready. Inside the church A man is impatiently roaming while his best man chuckled at his antics.
God what takes them this much long I don’t even understand and this mad Laksh is laughing at me the man said looking at his watch nth time.

A small boy came running inside.
Bride have arrived, Bride have arrived. And the man sighed in relief but his eyes showed concern.
How will she manage the gown.
Is she alright does she feel weak.
But his thoughts were broken looking at his Doll who is walking down the aisle with his Father holding her hand and her other arm is placed securedly around her baby bump. Two ladies are holding her long veil. Slowly both stood facing eachother. And he could see her eyes even through the veil which are filled with happy tears.
The Priest arrived and all stood up. After some introduction and the priest asked the bride and groom to hold eachother’s hands “YOU SANKSAR MEHRA ACCEPT SWARA KUMAR AS YOUR WIFE TILL YOUR ETERNITY, THROUGH YOUR THICK AND THIN, IN YOUR JOY AND SORROWS”
“YES I DO” Sanskar said looking straight into Swara’s eyes.
“YES I DO” Swara said and smiled brightly holding her bump.
Sanskar lifted her veil and kissed Swara and the church roared with claps. Laksh took their pic and Sanskar slowly helped Swara to walk. Two ladies were Sara and Ragini. Laksh and Ragini are Sanskar’s schoolmates who fell in love with the passing of time and married two years before.
Sanskar securely brought Swara out who is in her last month of pregnancy now all are gathered outside where the party is going on while Swara is sitting looking at her love who is giving cute smile now and then.

Swara’s POV…….
Everything is perfect now. I am not the Swara who is scared of every thing because now I have Sanskar who loves me unconditionally these many years. After my departure from Mumbai everyday I receive message, voicemails from him and my work is to hear them while sobbing. But my life took a turn when he arrived at London with Raghu and my whole family as well his family after a year.
My mom hugged me and my father is same as always but one thing he said made me happy but as well as sad.
“I broke your relation with Raghu and now you are free but remember you are always a girl and can’t touch the heights of a man. This guy said he will marry you that’s why I broke your engagement or else you know where you would be” Dad said and left with Mom.
I just couldn’t control myself and hugged Sanskar tightly like he is my life support and that’s the truth.
Then he said he came here for his shooting which is going to be for next two years. Sanskar’s Mom and Dad are so caring that they accepted me as their daughter. Like this year passed but love grew more which lead us to take our relationship to another stage.
Pov ends……

Its a cold night Swasan were busy in chit chatting in his room. A sudden gasp escaped from Swara’s lips as Sanskar traced her neck with kisses.
Both were sitting on the bed so Sanskar rolled her beneath him.
“You know Doll how much I control myself to love you” He said and kissed the hell out of her. Will you allow me to love to you Doll Sanskar asked Swara gave in happily. That night she felt a complete woman by the man she loved.
FB ends……

Swara’s POV……
After three months I came to know that I am pregnant. When I told him he was the happiest man and loved me like always. We told Mom and Dad and they didn’t got angry instead they blessed me. As Sanskar’s shooting was in process we decided to marry after that. Through these months Sanskar never left my hand even a single second and always speaks to our babies. Oops I didn’t told him it’s twins only Ragini and Sara knows this both are my sweet hearts.
Pov ends…..

Swara’s trance broke when Sanskar asked for dance. Sanskar helped Swara and slowly both started to dances. Dp and Ap had tears in their eyes seeing their children happiness.
But soon Swara’s face expression changed and she stopped holding her bump.
Doll what happened Sanskar asked and hearing him all came towards them.”My water broke” Swara said and it took a minute for everyone to understand.
Laksh you and Sanskar get Swara to hospital me and Sara will go and arrange Ragini said and went from there. Ap helped Swara to walk who winced in pain now and then. Sanskar held her by shoulder who is looking at him with tears.
Will it pain more Mom Swara asked Ap innocently. Now all are on the way to hospital.

It differs Swara but don’t lose hope Ok your strength only makes your baby to come out.
Soon they reach and Swara is taken to the OT. Its been 8 hours since Swara got pain and Ragini threw Sanskar out as he was yelling more than Swara.
Soon they heard the baby voice but again Swara screamed which made them confused soon another voice is heard. Ragini came out holding TWO tiny babies.
“Congrats Sanskar it’s twin girls” Ragini said handling one baby to him. Tears made its way from his eyes. His princess and angel arrived at last. This is the moment he waited for. He looked at his two daughters who looked at him with big bluish grey eyes just like him.
How is Swara Sanskar asked. She is good but little bit weak you can meet her now Ragini said. All went inside to meet Swara who is exhausted looking pale. She slowly opened her eyes to meet his bluish grey eyes. Ap slowly helped Swara and gave her the babies.All left after playing with the babies.
Our daughters Sanskar Swara said and kissed both her daughters with tears.
“Thank you Swara for giving me this two beautiful gift of my life” Sanskar said and kissed her forehead.
“I think now you got your answer” Sanskar said. Swara looked at him in confusion.

YES WE ARE FOREVER AND EVER Swara said looking at their symbol of love.

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