Has she made for me? swasan os sequel

Has She Made For Me?

Sorry friends, I know I am late. But I am very busy now a days . But don’t worry I will give the parts like as usual. So now I am stoping my bakbak and starting my story .

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Before starting I want to give some details about swasan’s life. After 2years relationship Sanskar and Swara have married each other before 6 months. In this 2 years relationship they have grown their bond ,understandings , love and mainly trust for each other. For this only Sanskar had taken this much time to grow their relation in a mature way. After 2 years they decided to marry each other. Now they have married each other since 6months. They are happy . But something has happened before one week for which Swara has leaved Sanskar and now she is staying in Gododia house. After leave MM she has got to know that she is pregnant for this only Sanskar doesn’t know about Swara ‘s pregnancy.

So know I am starting my story but before read it please read the teaser. I don’t want to give it again. So now let’s start.

Inside a court room ,at court

A couple has stood in front of each other in balustrade inside the court room. The couple is non other than our swasan who has come here for their divorce. They are looking each other where their eyes are telling their heart ‘s talk. Where Sanskar ‘s eyes are showing pain but Swara’s eyes are showing a mixture feelings like pain, love, anger and mostly hatred which has noticed by Sanskar and he couldn’t believe in his eyes . One day in which eyes he was seeing only love for him now he was seeing hatred for him which was giving unbearable pain in his heart.

At that time judge entered in court room and took her sit for which swasan’s eye lock broke and they looked towards the judge.

Judge: Mr and Mrs Maheswari as you have known today is your final hearing but before that I want to know about your decisions again. Are you both really wanting this divorce?

Sanskar: ( looked towards Swara and said) mam my wife has filled this case . If she is only wanting this then I have no problem in it. Because I would be became happy when my jaan would be happy.( when a lone tear escaped from his eye but someone present who gave a smirk to Swara)

Judge: And Mrs Maheswari what is your decision?

Swara:( looked towards Sanskar and said) I want divorce from him. I don’t want to stay with a man like him and turned her face towards other side.

Judge: Ok I heard both of your decisions. Now the time is hearing my decision. So my decision is …..where Sanskar has closed his eyes because he doesn’t want to listen the judgment where he will lose his love, soul for everyday and other side Swara’s condition is also same . She also doesn’t want to listen this but somewhere her anger is stoping her to be change her decision.

Judge: My decision is you both would be stay together for 8months. ( where everyone surprised to listen this judgment)

Swara: But mam I don’t want to stay wit….

Judge:( cut her talk in middle ) Mrs Maheswari I don’t finish my talk till now. So keep quiet. So my decision is they will be stayed together for 8months because till now we were seeing only one part of this story. But today I had got to know that Mrs Maheswari is expecting. She is one month pregnant.( when Sanskar known about Swara ‘s pregnancy he is totally dumbfound . He couldn’t believe on his ears . Happy tears were flowing from his eyes. Now he just want to hug her take her in his embrace and where Swara was looking down in guilty because she has hidden this big news from Sanskar but she gave an angry look towards Sekher because only he had known about it. So only he has told that to judge. When she was giving an angry look towards Sekher just then judge is continuing her decision.

Judge: I know you both don’t want to leave together but for this what is the fault of this child? So till the baby will born, Mrs Maheswari will stay with Mr Maheswari in MM. And after the baby born if you both will want this divorce again you can file the divorce case. So for today the case is adjoined.

Everyone left the court room when Swara was coming out from the room she saw Sanskar has hugged a girl. Immediately she turned her face other side and in a chock voice said: You never change Sanskar. You also same like other men. I hate you. And very soon I will file divorce case in upper court then I will see how I won’t get divorce from you. And then left the place with her best friend Sahil. ( Sahil is the man about which I had told in teaser. )

Here Sanskar has hugged Kavita( kavita Sanskar ‘s best friend with PA in his office)

Sanskar: Kavita, today I am very much happy. Very soon I am going to be a father Kavita. I can’t tell you now how I am feeling?( Freed himself from the hug and said) I know she is angry on me but very soon I will persuade her by my love. And ha please today distribute sweets in all staffs and declare bonus for all employees. I want celebrate this day. Now I am going. Swara must be waited for me at outside and leaved from there where unaware the fact that Kavita is unhappy with the court’s decision. So now she is angry on Swara for which her plan has became flopped again.

Kavita: Sanskar , you are only mine, only mine. No can snatch you from me. And Swara you again come between us. First time I had leaved you but this time I won’t leave you. Now ready to face the consequence . This time I will give you that pain which you never forget in your whole life and laughed like a mad.

Outside when Swara was going with Sahil to near the car Sekher called her.

Sekher: Swara ( without turn stood there where Sahil to see the situation leave the place.) beta I know you have angry on me. But don’t you think which mistake I have done now you are also doing the same with your own baby. ( swara turned towards Sekher where she found a caring father who cares only his daughter ‘s happiness nothing else) This time Sanskar came near the car without any conversation Swara entered into the car. Sanskar gave a thank smile to Sekher which he was accepted through giving another smile to Sanskar.

Whole journey they kept quite but everytime Sanskar was taking glances of Swara which is also noticed by Swara.


When they both reached A.P, Parineeta and Ankita were waiting for them in entrance of the house. After grah pravesh both entered in their room which is same like before. When Swara saw the room her happy moments had remembered for which few drops tears unknowingly flowed from her eyes which is also noticed by Sanskar. He wants to smooth her pain, take her in a tight hug but he can’t do anything which was giving pain him more. Without any eye contact Swara moved to washroom where Sanskar was thinking how to convince her? ( everyone know na how much Swara Is stubborn so now really I am worried for Sanskar?. )

Like this whole day passed neither Swara nor Sanskar started the conversation.

At night swasan room

When Swara went to sleep on couch Sanskar stopped her and said to sleep on bed.

Sanskar: Swara, please sleep on bed

Swara:( without looking) I never sleep with you on the same bed. I also don’t want to stay with you in a same roof but I also don’t want to hurt maa. So now stop your acting because now no one present in room

Sanskar:( monologue) it is really hurting me my love blaming me about my love. Now I just want to leave this place but I can’t because she needs me at this time.
( said to Swara) ok then you sleep on bed I will sleep on couch. And I don’t want any further discussion about this matter and moved towards the couch.

Swara without any option slept on bed but sleep was far away from their eyes. Whole night they were remembering their happy moments and last week incidents which changed their lifes fully.They don’t know when sleep take them into her embrace.

At morning

When Swara sleep disturbed by someone’s grip on her waist. When she saw for her surprise Sanskar has slept beside her where his one hand circled on her waist for which Swara ‘s sleep disturbed. Silently she kept his hand on bed and went to washroom. After freshen up she went to down to help A.P and Parineeta in kitchen.

After sometime Kavita ( chipku) came to the MM for a urgent work.

Kavita:( said to A.P) aunty ,where is Sanskar? Actually I need his sign on some important papers. Will you call him?

A.P : He has slept now. You wait here i am sending someone to call him

Kavita:( with a smile) ok aunty ( then A.P left the hall) ( she scanned whole hall and thought) this is the right time when I can execute my next plan and went to sanskar room where our hero has slept peacefully without knowing a big Strom has waited to entered into his life.

Other side Swara is preparing tea for everyone. After made it she took a cup of tea for Sanskar. But when she entered in the room what she saw on her eyes she couldn’t believe it. Sanskar circled his both hands on Kavita’s waist and Kavita lied on his chest. The tea cups fallen from her hands for which sanskar ‘s sleep disturbed. When he opened his eyes and saw the whole scenery in front ofhis eyes without any think he pushed Kavita on him and sat on bed.

The screen freezes on Swara’s crying face, Sanskar ‘s tensed face and villain of my story kavita ‘s happy face.


Precap: Swasan argument. Sanskar ‘s out burst on Swara and some happy moments between swasan

So now tell me how is it? You are satisfied with this sequel or I will stop it.

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