Has she made for me? swasan os sequel part 3

Has She Made For Me?

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After 6 month

Now Swara is 7 months pregnant . Now swasan have decreased some distance between them. Some extent Swara has forgotten the past. Now both are staying as a normal couple. In this 6 months Sanskar has fulfilled her all demands or we can say mood swings torture which has given by Swara. But as a perfect husband he never deny her demands. Specially she tortures him at night like I want to eat this , I want to eat that, I want to go for a long drive. Sanskar has fulfilled all her demands. But till now he doesn’t fulfil her one demand. Actually he wants to fulfil it but it seems like impossible for him. Everytime she demands, our baby want to eat something which make by his dad’s hand. But everyone’s know that how much he is bad in cooking. For this only everytime he is shirking her talk by other talks. Swara knows about it but doesn’t say anything . But she is also Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari , who won’t give in so easily by him. So everytime she knowingly demands it.

Now a days Sanskar is busy for his project. For this also he never neglects his responsible towards Swara. But now his responsible has increased more because before two days A.P has been to Ganga Sagar for praying well being for Swara and new born baby. Tomorrow she will back. And Parineeta is busy for Ankita because after one week her final exam will be started. So now he is managing both project and Swara together .

At office

Sanskar is very busy on his work because today he will give the last presentation about the project . If clients are satisfy then he will get this project which will make him Asia’s no.1 businessman for which he has worked hard from last one month.

But from last one hour he is searching the project file which he is not getting in his cabin . And after one hour the meeting will be started. Now he is tensed about the meeting . At this time Kavita entered in his cabin.

Kavita: ( to see the mess) Sanskar, what are you doing? After one hour the meeting will be started and here you are messing your whole room.

Sanskar: Kavita I don’t get project file. I don’t remember , where have I kept it? Seriously Kavita without this file it’s impossible for me to get this project.

Kavita:( sometime thought and said) I think yesterday you were taking it your home with you for rechecking.

Sanskar:( think sometime and said ) yes Kavita I had taken it to home. I had totally forgotten about it . Thanks Kavita to remind me. But this time I can’t go to home because I have some work which I have finished before meeting. And in home no one is present without Swara. So can you go and bring the file.

Kavita: But Sanskar, my present is also needed na that time.

Sanskar: You don’t worry about it. I will manage it.

Kavita: Ok I am going now and leaved the room. ( Kavita ‘s monologue) no Sanskar I won’t go for file but your Swara will come here to bring your file and then an accident will happen with your Swara. Now a days accidents are very common, Sanskar . Chuchuchu…our innocent Swara don’t know today is her last day. But what can I do? I tried best to keep away you from my Sanskar. But everytime you come close to him. So now its time on your to go for heaven ( showed her index finger to upper and laughed loudly)
And then she called Swara and told her to bring the foreign delicates file.

After 30 minutes Swara reached on Sanskar ‘s office to give his file because she has known that how much Sanskar has spent his time to get it. When she heard from Kavita that he has leaved the file in home . She immediately came to office without knowing what will happen with her in next moment.

Swara: Roma ( Sanskar ‘s receptionist) where is Sanskar?

Roma: ( surprise looking towards Swara) Mam, you at this time. Sir is present in conference hall on fourth floor. Without wasting a time Swara moved from there and entered in the lift and pressed the lift bottom for 4th floor. Where Kavita showed thumps up to a person and he nodded his head and left the place .

Kavita’s monologue: Go Swara go! But today you can’t escape from me. Today is your last day baby. By by Swara. God gives piece to your soul.

When the lift reached at 3rd floor suddenly it stoped in middle. The lights were switched off inside the lift for which Swara started sweating badly because she frightened to dark. She banged the door but no one heard her because everyone was busy for presentation.

Swara: Hello, ( in a crying voice) anyone is present here. Please open the door. When she searched her phone in bag she didn’t find it. Because in hurriedly she has forgotten her mobile in room. (Again banged the lift door) please help me. Please anyone call Sanskar. ( called loudly but for breath deficiency she couldn’t speak loudly) Sanskar ! Where are you? Your princess needs you and breathing heavily.

Here after some minutes the lift started and moving downwards very speedily for which it dashed with ground with a thud sound and immediately opened the door. Everyone whose ever present in ground floor ran towards the direction where the sound was coming. When they saw the scene everyone freeze on their places. Immediately Roma ran towards her counter and calling Sanskar.

Roma:( in a stammering voice) sir! Pl…ea..se come gro..und floor. Its emergency si..r

Sanskar:( said angrily) Roma, you are ordering me. You don’t know after some minutes my presentation will be started and you are telling me to go ground floor.
And where is kavita? Till now she doesn’t come . Call her and ask whe…..

Roma: Sir , Swara mam

Sanskar: Swara, ( got up on his chair) what did happen with Swara ?

Roma: Sir , mam had come with file but

Sanskar:( cut her word in middle) but , what?

Roma told everything to Sanskar how Swara went inside the lift and after sometime it dashed with ground. Sanskar couldn’t hear anything onwards . His phone fallen from his hand. Anything further think he ran towards the ground floor by stairs. When he reached ground floor he saw all staffs have surrounded in front of the lift. Sanskar sided them and went to front but when he saw the scene his heart was forgetting to beat. His life has lied on floor in pull of blood which was flowing on her head. May be when the lift landed, her head has banged with the lift wall . But she has caught hold her belly very protectively like no one can’t harm or snatch her baby.

Sanskar ran towards her and taking her in his lap. Now he is blank . He wasn’t understanding , what will he do now? He had sat here like a statue. After sometime ambulance reached there to which called Roma. They shifted Swara inside the ambulance where Sanskar was just following them. And here kavita is happy about to think today she has thrown her thorn on her path .

After 20 minutes they reached the hospital. Immediately Swara admitted in operation theater where Sanskar had waited for her outside the OT room. At this time Sekher, A.P, Parineeta reached in hospital where they found Sanskar ,who has sat on a chair and blankly looking towards the OT room. And his white shirt turned into red colour due to holding Swara all the time

A.P:( tensely) Sanskar how is Swara now? How did it happen with her ? But Sanskar looked blankly towards A.P . Now A.P is hell worried for Sanskar because for the first time she wasn’t reading her own son’s eyes . Which eyes she reads everytime with in a second . For which she feels proud . But now she is not reading anything from his eyes. His eyes were showing nothing. Till now a single drop hasn’t escaped from his eyes. To see her son’s condition A.P. didn’t ask anything . Now all are silently praying to god for Swara ‘s well being and have waited for doctor to listen about her condition.

After 2 hours doctor came out from the OT room . Sanskar immediately ran towards him

Sanskar: Doctor, how is she? And my baby she is fine na. Tell me na doctor ( hold his shirt collar and shaking him ) how is she?

Where Sekher and A.P was trying to free his grip from doctor ‘s shirt

Sekher : Sanskar leave him.

A.P : Sanskar behaves like a mature person. Leave him please.

After sometime he freed his grip and folded his both hands in front of doctor: Please spare her life and my baby ‘s life. If you want then take my life but spare her and baby’s life.

Doctor:( kept his hand on his arm) now I am understanding , after a big accident happened with her also, how did can she recovers so easily. Because its your love for which she fight with her death and return back to you . You know when she came here her body had loosen a big amount of blood . We were considering, we can live only one life. But only for your love she and your baby has came back to you. Now both baby and mother are fine.

Sanskar immediately hugged to doctor tightly and a big smile spread on his face. Where A.P was thanking god to save her daughter and granddaughter and Parineeta hugged A.P in sideway.

Sanskar: Thanks , doctor thank you very much . You don’t know, what have you done for me today. You have safe my life. ( apart from hug) can I see her?

Doctor: Yes but after 4 hours

Sanskar: ( when cleansing his face) why? Any problem doctor

Doctor: ( gave him a slight smile to see his worriedness ) nothing Mr Maheswari. Just like that now she is sleeping on the effect of anesthesia. After 4 hours she will gain her sense . At this time you can see her .
And he left from there.

A.P: Now you go and after freshen up you come again

Sanskar: No mom I don’t go anywhere to leave her. When she will gain her sense , she will search me first. If she won’t get me then she will be became more panic . So I won’t go to leave her in this condition and sat on a chair

A.P:( hold his both hands) but beta when she will see you like this ( point her finger towards his shirt which is fully cover by blood stains ) so how will she feel? So go and change your shirt and come back again.

Sanskar:( took a breath ) ok mom, I am going. But please take care her in my absence. If anything need you would call me.

A.P:( nodded her head as a yes) you don’t worry about Swara. I will handle here everything .You go . And then Sanskar left the hospital.


Precap: Sanskar will know the truth about Kavita and swasan’s emotion scene. I have forgot to tell you next part I will give the flashback why Swara is thinking, Sanskar has cheated her?

Sorry friends for late and short update. But nowadays I am little bit busy in my work’s. But don’t worry next part I will post very soon and give a lengthy one also. So take care yourself and by.

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