Has she made for me? swasan os sequel part 2

Has She Made For Me?

Hi guys I am back with the next part. But before that I want to tell you something. In my first part I have seen that kavita is Sekher’s PA but previous part I said that Kavita is Sanskar ‘s friend and his PA. Actually they are two different characters. But I had totally forgotten that in my first part I have used Kavita. When I started this story I don’t think I will give you a sequel of this story . So I used her. But now for this character I want Kavita. I don’t want use anyone from SR for this role. So you think first chapter girl is kavya and now Sanskar ‘s PA is Kavita. Thanks alot pramudi for inform me. Now I am thinking I have cleared all your doubts. Seriously dear you are having a sharp memory. After reading your comment I laughed on me for my foolishness. If you don’t inform me then I never remember it. Thanks dear. And please kindly all will read the last paragraph. So now let’s start the story.

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The story is starting from Swara, Sanskar and Kavita ‘s faces.

Sanskar 🙁 sat on bed immediately and said) swara listen what are you thinking no no what have you seen that’s not true. I can explain you just list……( without hearing anything Swara ran from there)

Just then A.P entered the room and watched the situation . She didn’t take so much time to understand the whole matter. And here Sanskar Immediately ran after Swara , but Swara entered in the guestroom and locked it from inside.

Other side A.P was looking resent to Kavita and where Kavita was giving her innocent look like she doesn’t know anything about it .

A.P: I told you just to wait there, I am sending someone to call Sanskar. Then why did have you come here. You don’t know manners . You don’t know before enter in a room we knock the door or need permission . Now Sanskar is a married person . He needs some privacy in his personal life. Without permission how did you enter in his room.

Kavita:( started her acting, chipku) I am sorry aunty but this papers are very important. I have needed Sanskar ‘s sign immediately for that I can submit it. But after sometime when I saw Sanskar didn’t come so compulsory I came here. But Sanskar thought that it is Swara who has entered in room so he pulled me. At this time Swara entered the room and misunderstood the whole situation.

A.P: I don’t want to know , what did happen now? But listen me carefully you never come here with any kind of office work. It is my home not your sir’s office. So now leave.

Kavita nodded her head and leaved the place with a smirk.

Here Sanskar was banging the guestroom door where Swara has locked herself.

Sanskar:Swara listen me what has you seen it is just a misunderstanding jaan. I just…

Swara: ( in a chock voice) shut up Sanskar don’t call me jaan. You have no rights to call me that. Today whatever I have seen its your character Sanskar. You all men are same. You have no time for your family. You aren’t satisfy with your wife. You all men want more . Thanks Sanskar thanks again to prove me right. I am always right every men are same. I hate you I just hate you Sanskar. Just get lost from here.( slide down on the door and sat on the floor where she was crying loudly because today she couldn’t control herself. How will she control herself where her whole world has become shattered. And other side Sanskar ‘s situation is more worst than Swara. Because today he has again lost her trust which he had spent full 2 years to make it. He couldn’t stand there more . So he left the place and sat on couch after entered in his room. Just then A.P entered the room and sat beside him. Sanskar slept on her lap where he hide his face and crying silently. And A.P is just patting his hairs.

Sanskar: Maa , you know she hates me . Now only she told that.

A.P: What are you thinking about it. Its true or false. ( sanskar didn’t give any answer just sobbing on his mom’s lap) you didn’t give any answer me beta.

Sanskar: She loves me mom. She loves me more than anything. But she doesn’t trust me. She should be trusted me na mom. But she didn’t. Every relation depends on trust. Where it lacks the next moment the relationships are break.

A.P gave a small smile for which Sanskar confusingly to see his mom’s smile face when A.P asked a question to Sanskar.

A.P: Sanskar , you have know about Ramayana.

Sanskar: (Just nodded his head) yes

A.P: In Ramayana lord Ram and Mata Sita were loving each other, right ( again Sanskar nodded his head for yes) They were also trusting each other, right ( sanskar again nodded his head) . Can you say me , why did they apart from each other when they were loving and trusting each other ?

Sanskar sat immediately on couch and saw towards A.P silently where he found an insight woman who has seen the world more. After sometime he broke the silence and said : Because the situation didn’t suitable for them and again looked towards A.P where he got a satisfactory smile on her face. For understand it Sanskar took some time but next moment a smile spread on his face. Now he understood why her mom was asking about it. Next moment he kissed and hugged her mom and said: I love you mom. You are the best mom in this world.
A.P also kissed his son’s cheek happily .

A.P: Ok now you go get ready for your office. I am preparing your breakfast and stood for leave.

But Sanskar hold her hand and said : Mom please you will give to eat her something. You know how much she is stubborn.

A.P gave a smile and nodded her head. Then said: You don’t worry about her. I know how to make her eat. You go your office without any tension. Sanskar gave a smile to her mom and both leaved their respective work mean A.P went to kitchen for prepare bf and Sanskar went to washroom for freshen . And after bf he leaved to office.

In office

Sanskar has sitted on his chair inside his chamber. He is thinking how will be he convinced Swara ? At this time Sahil entered Sanskar’s chamber without knocking the door and kept his hand on Sanskar’s shirt collar and pulled him on his chair

Sanskar: ( angry voice) what the hell are this Mr Sahil. First you entered in my room without knock and now you have misbehave with me in my office . You don’t know any manners. Leave my shirt else the consequences are not good for you. ( guys think the scene where sahil and Sanskar were fighting for Swara on terrace . Think now both positions are same )

Sahil:(leaved his shirt collar and said) never ever try to hurt my shona( where Sanskar tight his fist by listen ” my Shona” ) . I can never see tears in her eyes but for you only she is crying now a days. So just stay far away from her. Very soon I will free her from you. Then she lives happily in her life. And I will see this time how she won’t get divorce from you and turned to leave when Sanskar called him from his back

Sanskar: I don’t know which relationship you belong to her but for me she is my wife, my life and my jaan. I don’t need any kind of suggestions from outsider. ( in a dangerous voice) She is only mine. I know how to keep her happy. So stay away from her. Now leave.

Sahil angrily left the room. When he opened the door he collided with Kavita. Both looked at each other and then Sahil leaved the place where Kavita entered Sanskar ‘s chamber.

Kavita: Sanskar I am sorry for today. For me only today your relation became bad with Swara. Where i have known that now every single day is important for you . But for me only everything was abysmal between both of you. I am only responsible for all of this. I am sorry Sanskar ( started crying while hugging to him)

Sanskar:( parted her from the hug and said) I know Kavita today whatever was happened is just a misunderstanding nothing else. And about Swara you don’t worry about it. I know her more than herself. I will tame her. Now you please stop to blame yourself. Ok .where Kavita nodded her head in agreement and leaved from the room happily for creating dissension between Swasan.


Swara has sitted on bed and looking the mirror in a blank face. At this time A.P entered to her room with a plate of food. She kept it on the side table of the bed and sat beside her where she patted her hairs. Today she was understanding Swara’s condition because she is also a woman. No woman can’t see her husband with other girls. Swara looked towards A.P and hugged her instantly where she was crying whole heartedly because somewhere she has known that only she can smooth her pain.

A.P: ( said when she was patting her hairs) I know beta how are you feeling now . Its a tough situation for every woman. Neither i will say you are wrong in your situation nor I will defend my son. Because I know my daughter is much more mature than others. When she will take a decision about something it will be right. But beta you don’t think every coin is having two sides like this every matter is also having two sides .we are only seeing one side where till now other side is hide from us. Without see the both sides we don’t take any decision ( Swara parted from hug and looked A.P’s eyes where she got to see only love for her) I think now you are getting my point. Which decision you will take I am with you. Now stop crying ( while wiped her tears) and eat something ( before Swara said something A.P said) don’t tell me you are not hungry . I don’t want to listen anything because I don’t want my granddaughter starve for whole day

Where Swara gave a surprise look to A.P and said : Granddaughter!!

A.P: Yes , you see the baby will become a girl only

Swara: But how you are sure about it.

A.P: It’s a secret. I won’t open it now. You will know about it when my granddaughter will come in this world. Now don’t stress yourself and complete your lunch. Ok. Where Swara just nodded her head with a smile.

At night

Sanskar returned from office at 9 pm . When he entered his room he didn’t find Swara in his room. He thought may be she will present in kitchen so without further think he opened his wardrobe where he got Swara’s clothes are missing. Immediately he went to guestroom and opened the wardrobe and collecting all things when Swara was coming out from the washroom.

Swara: What are you doing Sanskar? Will you tell me , why are you packing my luggage ( where she is trying to stop Sanskar)

Sanskar: ( After packing he hold her hand and came inside his room. After entered his room he arranged her all things in his wardrobe

Swara: What the hell are you doing Sanskar. Why have you brought me here?

Sanskar: Because now onwards you will only stay here with me. And now I don’t want any argument for this matter and leaved to washroom for freshening.

Without any argument Swara went to sleep on bed . At this time Sanskar came from washroom and slept on bed taking her in his embrace.

Swara:( gave him a surprise look) what are you doing on bed?

Sanskar: You don’t know what people do on bed?

Swara: ( trying to part away from his grip) you are sleeping on couch na if you don’t want then I am going to sleep there.

Sanskar: Don’t move. From today onwards we will sleep like this only ( where indicating there position)

Swara:( in irritate voice) but why?

Sanskar: Don’t say that you don’t remember you are pregnant now.

Swara: So what?

Sanskar: As I know during in pregnancy women are having mood swings . So in night they want to eat something. If you will want to eat then I can know about it .

Swara: But I don’t have any habit to eat at night. So lea….

Sanskar:( cut her talk in middle) I know you don’t have habit it but my baby ( touched her belly while talking) is having this habit. So now don’t argue with me and sleep quietly.

Swara was giving draggers to Sanskar where Sanskar was holding her more tightly.

Sanskar: Don’t look at me like this jaan . If you will look me like this then again you will be fallen in my love( Swara turned her face another side where Sanskar chuckled by her this act ) Swara listen tomorrow I have taken an appointment of doctor. So be ready at morning. We will go to the hospital together .

Swara: Don’t need your help. I will go with mom. I can manage myself.

Sanskar: Swara , I am not informing you I am just telling you. Tomorrow you will go with me . And that’s final. Now common sleep.

Within sometime they both had slept peacefully in each other embrace why not after so many days they are sleeping in each other embrace.

Next day as usual like everyday all are busy on their respective work . After bf swasan went to hospital.

In hospital Swara was checking inside a green curtain where Sanskar was waiting them inside the doctor’s cabin. After sometime Swara and doctor came outside and sat on their respective chairs where Sanskar is already waiting for them.

Sanskar: Doctor, how is she ? Everything is fine. My baby she is fine. During the pregnancy she is not having any complications na( Sanskar asked all this in one breath)

Doctor: Relax Mr Maheswari. First you take a deep breath. You need it now. By the way Mrs Maheswari I must say your husband love you so much. You are lucky.( where one side Swara was giving smile to doctor and other side she was giving dragger to Sanskar). Mr.Maheswari ,Mrs Maheswari is totally fine. I am writing some medicines name you will just give her at right time. And mostly keep her away from tensions. Otherwise everything is ok.

Sanskar: Thanks doctor and shakes hand with her.

Both leaved doctor ‘s chamber where Sanskar’s one hand is keep on Swara’s arm. When they reached in parking area Swara thrown his hand from her arms.

Swara: Don’t be very smart Sanskar. Don’t act like you are a very caring husband who loves her wife very much.

Sanskar: Why will I do acting ? Its only true . I love you. And for your information court has said you stay with me till our baby doesn’t born. So till this time you are my responsible. Ok now come

Sanskar went near the car where Swara stamped her foot and followed him. When they both entered in car . Where Swara kept quite there Sanskar humming a song which was increasing her irritation.

This song is one of my favourite song from blood money

Tere ishq pe tere waqt pe

bas haq hai ik mera

Tere rooh pe tere jism pe

bas haq hai ik mera (3)

Main to bas teri chahat Mein

chahoon rehna sada

Mein to bas Teri kurbat mein

chahoon rehna sada

Saya bhi Tera main hone na doon juda..

Main tay kar liya…

After sometime the car stopped at a place . Swara became surprise to see the place. It is the Ganga ghat which is the most favourite place of her. Swara most of her time has spent here alone but after Sanskar came to her life they both come here to spend their quality time. Now this place is also Sanskar ‘s favourite place. And here Swara’ s most favourite food item rasgullas are get here only. For this only Sanskar has brought her here.

Sanskar: Lets go

Swara: Why have we come here?

Without any response Sanskar went to the shop and sat on a table from which one can easily watch the full view of Ganga ghat. Swara followed him and sat beside him. At this time Sanskar ordered two plate of rasgulla but Swara denied it.

Sanskar: Dada, please give me two plates of rasgullas.

Swara: I don’t want it.

Sanskar: I also don’t order for you. Its only for me. When a small boy gave two plates to Sanskar. Without wasting time Sanskar started to eat rasgullas . Where to see the rasgullas Swara’s mouth was dribbling. She was wanting to taste it but her anger wasn’t allowing her. So she turned her face another side. Sanskar was staring her at his corner of his eyes.
After sometime when Sanskar noticed she was continuously looking something. He followed her gaze found she is watching a couple who are eating rasgulla to each other. To see the couple Sanskar also for some time thought their time when they were also eating each other like this. Now he is understanding , what is she thinking?

Sanskar doesn’t want to hurt her more so said : Let’s go Swara. We are late. Mom and bhabi must be waited for us. Both left the place and the whole journey they kept quite. After reached in MM Sanskar told about Swara’s condition to A.P. After dinner everyone left their respective rooms for sleep. Swasan have slept in each other embrace according to Sanskar ‘s last night rule.

At night 1am Swara’s sleep disturbed for which she sat on bed. By her movement Sanskar ‘s sleep also disturbed. He also sat beside her bed.

Sanskar: ( worriedly cupped her face) Swara what happened? You are having pain in your stomach. Why have you sit here like this.

Swara: I am fine Sanskar. Don’t worry about me.

Sanskar: Then!

Swara: ( nervously said) I am hungry

Sanskar: What? But you have eaten your dinner before some hours . ( where Swara gave an angry look to Sanskar) ok ! Ok! Don’t give me that look. Tell me what you want to eat?

Swara: I wanna eat rasgulla from my favourite place. But see now time is 1 am. All Ganga ghat shops will be closed now.

Sanskar ( chuckled to listen her talk) let’s go

Swara: But where? See the time. Every shops are closed now.

Sanskar: You don’t think about it. When my jaan want to eat it then I will give it to her.

Sanskar take her in his embrace in bride style and went to down. He entered in kitchen and sat her on kitchen slap. Where Swara don’t understand anything. Why has he brought her here?

Swara: Sanskar, why you have brought me here. Don’t tell me you will make it for me.

Sanskar: Don’t worry jaan . I know I am very capable for everything but not in kitchen. So I don’t want, you torture yourself to eat my food.

Swara: Then , why you have brought me here?

Sanskar: Just a minute and went towards fridge and opened it. In fridge two shelfs have filled by her favourite rasgullas. Sanskar filled one bowl by rasgullas and gave it to Swara. Swara instantly grabbed the bowl from Sanskar’s hand and putted a rasgulla in her mouth.

Swara:( said in a round mouth ) when did have you bring it?

Sanskar: When you lost in that couple. I know how much you love that rasgullas? So I had brought it with me.

Swara: ( pulled her cheeks and said unknowingly) you are the best husband my cutipie . I love you so much and kissed his cheek . But after that she realised what did she do? In embarrassment she leaved from kitchen with the bowl of rasgullas where Sanskar wasn’t believing, what did happen sometime before?

Sanskar: I know Swara , you love me . Today you proved it again. But why you don’t want to admit it. But don’t worry jaan, very soon I will find out the reasons behind it. Then you and me will stay with our little princess like before.

Screen freeze in a determine Sanskar’s and embarrassment Swara’s face

Precap: Kavita ‘ s evil plan for harm to Swara and Swara will admit in hospital.

Friends to see your last response I have became hurt. In first part of this story i had got above 45 comments. But in last part I have got only 25 comments. It has hurt me. And I don’t want to beg you everytime for comments. This is not really my character. And personally I really believe that when your work is not good you also don’t get good response. So to see your response I am thinking that I am not satisfy you by my writing. Its totally ok with me. But this low response I can’t give you this story more. Because this story is very close to my heart. I can’t hurt myself more. So now its up to you, you want it or not. But this time if I don’t get more comments than first chapter then you really forget about it. Sorry to my regular readers but I can’t write when I am upset own self .But don’t worry I will post other stories like before and please support me there also. So finally I have known you my opinion now its your turn you want it or this is the last chapter.

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