Made For Each Other (Part 2)


Hey friends I’m back with second part hope you all are liking it and please keep commenting in the same way……

Recap: Aryan family is planning to go Pune and take blessing from Krishna with Aryan

Rao mansion
Pavitra: nakku how much time will you take do fast we have to leave we are getting late and is Aryan ready.
What!!! I mean where am I going without my concern??? (He is non other than our ARYAN)
PvR coming down the stairs and sees Aryan on the main door…..
PVR: come my sher come see what I planned for you come sit…
Aryan coming forward slowly and making weird face
Aryan: what?
PVR: your marriage…. Come see the photos and tell me which one you like and if someone is there you can tell me without any hesitation…. As your choice is our choice……
Aryan: (shouts) aaba how can you do this when you know that I don’t want to marry anyone….. Fed up guys seriously fed up
Pavitra: Aryan!!!!! Have you forgotten your limits your limits that how to talk with elders specially to your aaba
Aryan: I don’t mean that….. Aaba I’m really sorry if you feel I insulted you then I’m sorry plz forgive me …. But still I don’t want to get married and this is final
PVR: my child I love you a lot and I can’t believe go against you but you also have to listen my one wish……
Aryan: anything other than marriage
PVR: promise
Aryan: anything for you
PVR: you have to come along us to Pune for Krishna’s blessing…..
Aryan stunned for 2 minutes and was disturbed by Shashwat
Shashwat: everything is done are you all ready
And screen freezes on Aryan

Krishna niwas
Every one was busy in their respective work phone rings….. Tring Tring Tring Tring….. Tulsi ran up and picked up the phone followed by kumudini
Tulsi: yes aradhya what happened? How was your interview?? Have you got selected??? ……
Aradhya: aai aai aai hold on hold on let me say something….
Interview has been postponed for a week so I’m on my way to home
Tulsi: hmmm come fast beta waiting for you…..
Kumudini snatches the phone….. Kumudini: laadoba….. Wait I’m not talking to you??
Aradhya: awwww my princess what happened????
Kumudini: you are asking me what happened????? Come soon…. I’ll tell you what happened ki baachi……
AARADHYA: sorry sorry please forgive me I promise from now I won’t do this…. But haaaa I have surprise for you…… And that will be revealed when I’ll reach homeeeee
Kumudini: that’s not fare
Aradhya: everything is fare in love and war…. Sweetheart
Kumudini: bye

Rao mansion
PVR: Aryan what happened???? You promised me right
Aryan: aaba but……
PVR: you said anything other then marriage…..
Aryan: but…….
Ok fine I’m going to pack my bags and will be here in next 15 minutes….

Precap: aradhya is singing bhajans in temple on her harmonium and on other side Aryan stepped on the stairs of the same temple…..

Hope you guys liked it so please keep commenting….

Credit to: Oshien

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