Made For Each other (MATSH) Part 2


Ranveer brings his face near and Ishani closes her eyes.He kisses her lips softly and then takes her in his arms and lays her on bed which is decorated.He unties the Dori of her saree.Ishani unbuttons his shirt and removes it.Ranveer kisses her neck and lips and gets very passionate.He removes her cloths and makes love.Ishani feels pain but then feels in heaven and she removes his cloths also now both sides cloths are off and both are in wild avatar.Both make very much love.At morning they are in eachothers arms.

At and ranveer sees ishani sleeping without cloths and very comfortable he smiles and thinks “finally we became one now she is very comfortable with me” he wears his cloths and he wakes up ishani.ishani wakes up and sees herself with dress and hides her self with blanket so that ranveer could not see her but ranveer removes her blanket and says “now we have became one and you can be like this in front of me” ishani hugs him and wears her cloths and says “now let’s go we have made in of of love and now let’s go” both go towards there home but there car gets stop and ranveer checks and says “Ishani car has some technical wait I will come in few minutes” he goes from there and Ishani is standing when some mens comes and says “oh what this beautiful lady is doing here” “is she waiting for us” “baby come with me we will have fun in bed” ishani says “shut up and go from here” “now you have to come with us” the men’s catches her when Ranveer sees and starts beating them but one men beats him with rod on head and he gets unconscious.the men tries to rape her but ranveer gets conscious and beats everyone and they go from there and Ishani hugs ranveer and thanks him for saving her from shame.

Precap:Court case on goons trying to rape ishani.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Post the next episode soon

  2. amazing episode siddhi dear! the romance was too good yaar! I love that ranveer saved ishani from those goons! superb job dear!

  3. ishveer- my love ???

    Nice epi Siddhi di.. I liked itit

  4. Wooow dude that’s tooo hot ff

  5. Nice episode

  6. Nice Siddhi

  7. Awsome.. the epi is too romantic!! 🙂

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