Made For Each other (MATSH) Part 1


Hi friends this is my 7th ff.Hope you all will like it.

Ranveer:Ishani where are you?

Ishani:I am here only.

Ranveer catches her hand and pushes her towards him and says

Ranveer:Ishani you know na I can’t leave without you for a day also.

Ishani:I know but now go to office or else you will get late.

Ranveer:I will take holiday today and we will enjoy this day very much. (Brings his face near)

Ishani:Work is very necessary now go to office. (Pushes him)

Ranveer:Okay I will go but today’s night will be very special and see how colourful night it will be.

Ishani blushes and says

Ishani:Okay okay but now go or you will get late.

Ranveer:Okay bye.


Then he goes from there.

At evening Ranveer leaves from office and thinks

Ranveer:Today’s night will be very special.

And goes at home by car.

Ishani is waiting for Ranveer.It’s night but till now Ranveer has not came yet.Ishani gets tensed.Ishani gets a call on phone which is of Ranveer.

Ishani:Hello Ranveer where are you?

Man:Your husband has met with an accident.Come to near the big garden because hospital is near big. garden.

Ishani gets shock and cuts the phone and goes
to garden.Ishani comes to garden and sees it’s decorated very romantically and there is a bed which is decorated beautifully.Ranveer hugs her from back and says

Ranveer:How is the surprise?

Ishani:Ranveer are you mad?How much in tension I got.I will not talk with you.

She is going when Ranveer catches her and pushes her towards him.He keeps his hand on her waist and says

Ranveer:I told you that today’so night will be colourful and special.

Ranveer brings his face near and Ishani closes her eyes.

Precap:Goons to attack on Ranveer.

Credit to: Siddhi

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