Made of each other (MATSH) Part 1


Let’s go to the old era of love…..lousy like Jodha Akbar
Ranjit Singh the most renowned king of India and Ranveer was the price and Milan Singh too was a prince and young bro of Ranveer
Ishani his to be wife who is not happy with her and Ranveer marriage
But Ranveer truly loves Ishani and wants her at any cost and his father blackmails Ishani’s father King Balram Singh to hand the princess to Rannnagar that is be wife of Ranveer or else they would attack Chandranagar Ishani’s another name was Chandini and Chandranagar was too weak before Rannnagar so they would easily capture their kingdom
Ishani’s father requested her to marry Ranveer so the dutiful princess agreed to married Ranveer.
At that time when Ishani was born a monk predicted that the princess and the one who truly loves her will witness a wonderful love story. So the Kings had a meeting where they brought the kundlis and after sometime the monk said that impossible that is extraordinary this couple will be the most compatible and their love story will be remembered for centuries and centuries. The Kings get glad. The monk says to Ishani and Ranveer u r very lucky. Ishani gets shocked. Ranveer gets happy.

Ishani goes to a corner and cries badly. Ranveer comes there and holds her hands and Ishani couldn’t say anything due to the deal. Ranveer says I know the way the marriage is happening is not correct and nor I can change it. But I promise to keep to happy and safe till my last breath. Ishani says now I don’t expect anything from life coz everything is over and now any challenge comes or even Yamraj comes happily die. U have destroyed my life and even my sister’s coz prince Milan too want to marry my sister. Ishani’s mother comes there and shouts at her for talking rudely with the prince. Ranveer says it’s oaky and leaves. The queen says lakh of lives and the whole kingdom is the the hands of u two princesses. We are from the Royal family and in this life I have to think for the citizens and then of urselves so before saying anything just think for the innocent lives and ur so lucky that Prince Ranveer is ur to be husband and u are his first wife and
hence future queen of Rannnagar and from now he is ur everything and he should be ur world. Ishani hugs her mom and her mom cries n says sorry but even I can’t do anything thing. The dasi comes and congratulate her and says ur wedding is tomorrow. Queen says yes because the next lucky day for u two will be after 1 year. Ishani agrees. And the other princess Saloni was very glad coz she loves Milan a lot. There was joy everywhere in both kingdoms except for one life that is night the king and the queen come to Ishani’s room and thanks her for being selfless for the kingdom and queen explains her and her sister about their culture tradition n family rules. She says that the family is very high class family and very reserved abt their culture and tradition. So never dare to question them abt anything and never refuse them for anything especially the future king Ranveer.
If they demand for baby u should accept it. If he says anything never insult and say no and if u feel
like meeting me then ur free to meet me. And tomorrow’s night will be very special for ull coz from two soul ull will become one. Ishani thinks I’m already dead and wherever my fate takes me I will go wd it idc n one day all the sinners will realize their mistake and regret.

There Ranveer thinks about Ishani and think where he saw Ishani for the first time at the royal
conference and he was just amazed by her beauty and her nature and demanded his father to make him marry her and now he makes painting of Ishani and says Ishani will definitely like this gift.
Next day there at morning there was haldi ceremony. The families came together and applied haldi
on the respective grooms and brides. Queen Suhana Ranveer’s mom demands that there is a tradition where the grooms and brides apply haldi on each other, Ishani nods and applies haldi to him and Ranveer too applies haldi to her. They share eyelock.

Precap:- the grand wedding and ishveer new life

Credit to: Ishveer fan

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