Hi every one i am new to this i use to read all your ff and from that only i got this idea to start it.But before to start i want to tell u all one truth that i am not a writer and this is the first time i am writing so plz forgive me if there is any mistakes and this story is based on kkb only so i will all the characters from there it self and there are some more characters which will introduce latter. Now i will the storyline and start episodes after 2 days.

How life of two friends change weather they accept it easily ore they struggled a lot how it happened ,how they are going to face it weather they will overcome it or their destiny plays some role here also ,who was the one changed their life and to say it shortly a mixture of emotions are here.

So guys tell me what you are think abt it weather to go on or to stop and your comments are also welcomed in any way either rotten tomatos or bunches of rose see u all soon on my next update i have to say gud nit to upcoming episodes i will introduce myself take care all seeu all soon

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  1. Rithu

    Very nice pls continue

    1. thank you

  2. PrincessesMadhu

    It is nice…But I hope u don’t mind me say this, I just wanted u to tell u to concentrate on ur spelling… i know it is not an English essay or writing 😛 but I think it is good to make sure that u spell right in this way it will also help u in your English, well if u are a student if not it will help u generally but the storyline is good.. 🙂 Good luck 😀

    1. thank you

  3. Pls conti friend?

    1. thank you

  4. SavitaVidya

    i support you a hundrend percent. i als would like to kindly add my voice to PrincessMadhu. Writting is a form of English Language so just think of it this way..if i make it a habbit to write well then i can better my English which will help me in future. i am not saying everything should be perfect cause i make mistakes too. but try atleast 80% to have good spellings…but i am eagerly waiting for you FF as storyline is good.

    1. thank you i agreed u

    1. thank you

  5. Prathi

    Yes please continue dear!!! you are welcome!

    1. thank you

  6. It’s looks an interesting storyline soooo start it n thn 4m mg side it’s bunches of roses …

    1. thank you

  7. Pls continue sisssyy.

    1. thank you and from my side a small request don’t call me sis coz my own sister also not used to call as this i really don’t want to hurt you and if u call like this means it shows i have more responsibility and more than to be a sis like to be friends. so friends answer me and also try to forgive me if i have hurted you

  8. Very nice waiting for the update

    1. thank you

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