Hi everyone now story time, after that all excuses and apologies
The play starts with abhi came back to his senses and went inside, he saw all the family members having breakfast and he too joined them after finishing they had their usual shots that time abhi said to everyone that he is planning to keep a party by tomorrow evening to his friends, family members and close business partner circle. He ask raj and akasha to arrange for the needs and he ask pragya to get ready as they will go for shopping to purchase dresses for everyone and then he ask dadi to call sarala ma and inform about this and also ask her to come today itself before he finishes a voice behind him tells that I am already her he turned and welcomed her and get blessing from her and dadi welcomes her and greet her meanwhile pragya came down after getting ready she saw her ma and rushed towards her and hugged her and took blessing from her.

Meanwhile abhi says that he is missing vinai, Aliya, purab, and bulbul badly as they are in London. This purab and Bulbul went after their marriage as a holiday but due to their business problem they had to stay there to sort it out and it had been 2 years, but still they didn’t return and this Aliya and Vinai still they didn’t come back they too want to help them already they missed our marriage and now this party too. But I don’t know how they will react after knowing that we both get married, you all known that we get married to fill the last wish of a dying person as soon he finished it a voice came from his back that we also accept it without any problem as we known that our Bhai and bhabhi will always right.

All were shocked to hear that and turn to see all four of them are here and surprisingly, they all hugged each other and greet each other and they had their chatting for a while and for making arrangement, all went to see their allotted job, all four went to their room and took rest for a while

Abhi and Pragya reached the mall and start to purchase dresses, they get separated to choose their costume here with abhi he met one of his classmate Mithun there and surprised. Mithun, abhi you are her that to in the ladies section
ABHI: you to select a dress for my wife to be for the party tomorrow.
MITHUN: Wife? When you get married you didn’t tell me
ABHI: It’s a different story and it’s good that I see you here as I was unable to get your number to inform you about the party which I arrange tomorrow at my home to inform about my marriage officially.
MITHUN: Ok its fine I will be there but tell me where your wife is
ABHI: Ya you to known her well as she is our classmate

MATHIUN: What? That’s good to see friends together and by the by where is she
ABHI: Wait I will call her he called her and inform her to come as one of our friend is waiting her to see you

After a while pragya reached their but mithun saw her first and said hey pragya you to her I am double surprise to see you here you know what abhi got married and that to one of our classmate hearing this abhi and pragya were smiling at him he got confused and asked them why are you smiling like this abhi controlling is laugh said then what to do when you are telling about my marriage to my wife itself
MITHUN: What? The shock of my life you both get married each other and how your parents allowed knowing that you are Tom and Jerry
ABHI: It all happens it is not in our hands but it has written in our destiny that have to face each other till our last breath.
MITHUN: It means there is something behind your marriage

PRAGYA: Ya its true there is a valid reasons in our marriage but I don’t know how it is valid to you but it is valid up to us and you will know it by tomorrow.
MITHUN: Then it ok I will wait till tomorrow and now it’s time for me to leave as it is already late.
By saying this he leaves after finishing their shopping they too returned back to home
Episode ends here……

Guys I am sorry not for updating for these days I was out of station to attend one of our PhD scholar marriage. Today’s episode I don’t know how it is if it is not up to you all plz I am sorry for disappointing you all and I make sure I will give my best in upcoming episodes and yours comments are welcome in any ways as rotten tomato’s, eggs or bundle of rose I promise you all that I will accept it with a board smile. And a lots of thanks to those who keep commenting me and that single word brings smile in my face happy to see your comments and keep commenting which makes my correct myself once again thanks for your support.

TAKE CARE SEE YOU ALL SOON waiting for your comments.

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