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The scene starts with their conversation as pragya says that she has also some dreams about her future husband and you also matches it. Hearing this abhi can’t control himself and asked her to say that but pragya refused it to say but he was not in the mood to accept her excuses and finally he says that you should tell me as thinking me as a friend and not your hubby and that’s it. Now she was unable to refuse his request and say ok I will say but don’t it too deep and as a friend I am sharing it to you.

ABHI: Thank god finally you agreed. Ok tell me
PRAGYA: Hmm.. I don’t known whether all girls will dream like this but I know that I am different in this also.
ABHI: Oii.. madam that should be tell by me let me see how different you are come on
PRAGYA: Smiled and said like every girl I too had a dream how my future hubby should be how to share with him how to lead our life further etc. I wish I need a person who will be a son to my ma instead of son-in-law. He should love me but not like others our love should be different which has 99% trust and 1% care for each other. First thing he should feel me as a friend not a wife and he should ready to share everything to me without any difficult and he should understand me well and he should know what I want before I ask him when he gets time he should spend his time with his family and also remember as one of his family member he should respect all his elders in family and he should not think to get separate from his family at any case he should with them when they need him and give his support to them. He should not say that I am his world but he should show me this is his world and take me into his world and when I need someone to rest me he should be there with me to rest my head on his shoulder mostly I wish to stay with him when he faces his sadness lonely instead of his happiness which means he should remember me during his difficulties that there a person who is there for him.

ABHI: Ok but how can you say that I am fitting into your dreams
PRAGYA: Bunty I can say that you are fitting into my dream by the way you are behaving with me. Abhi still confused pragya noted this and say let me tell you clearly. More than a son-in-law you are son to my ma and filling all the duties of a son and you are always close to your family and not even allow a thought of separating from them and giving your full support to them and you showed you world to me and I know your world is dadi and Aliya, purab and you let me to come into your world and showed me a place into it and moreover you are treating as a friend instead of wife and sharing each and everything to me without any difficulties and during your difficult period also you need me at your side. And lastly when I feel that anyone should me near me to rest me your there before I thinks and you are filling my all wishes and want before I could say it to you. Do you think that more than this anything needed for a girl?

ABHI: I don’t know what to say but I really surprised to hear such a thing from your side and feels I am lucky to have a friend and better half like you.
PRAGYA: Abhi I need a help from you and I know only you can do this
ABHI: What me? Tell me what you want.
PRAGYA: You know after two years Aliya, vinai, purab, and bulbul they all came here ma was here for the party only and I am sure that she will leave from here by today along with her Aliya and vinai will also leave so please ask them to stay her for few day and we will also go for a holiday for 2 or 3 days after a long period.
ABHI: Yes you are right and leave this to me I will make it done.
PRAGYA: Shouted in happy, which make prabhit to wake up.
ABHI: See what you have done you disturb my sons sleep and now you have to ask sorry to him.
PRAGYA: Oh no I am sorry Khanna your mumma disturb your sleep by holding her hears.
PRABHIT: Smiles and run toward her and say I love you mumma and hearing this a happy tears flows from her eyes.
ABHI: So you didn’t love your papa na and turns.
PRABHIT: Sorry papa I love you to
Then he hugs both of them and they kissed on his cheeks.

Now it is my time to say sorry if it is boring and I don’t know whether I am according to your expecting or not. Leave your comments everything is accepted whether tomato, egg or bundles of rose with a smile and special thanks for those who wishes me for my exams and to complete my degree. As I am facing it after two years as I faced it when I did my UG and now it is PG. I really don’t know how the episode is as three of my friends washed my mood at morning itself by their nanotech seminars and now time is 10:40 pm still I am unable to come out of it. Yeah please drop your comments truly by your heart and till then

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