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Both abhi and Pragya rushed outside towards the kid’s area with tensed face, seeing this everyone was confused and followed them and the scenario gives a big shock to everyone. As kid’s were playing prabhit was also with them playing slider while climbing up at last step he miss his balance and slip from the top of the slider at the nick of the time abhi reached and catch him in his hands and protect him. Everyone has wondered about the bond which is shared between the three. Even they are busy in their interview with the media. But the bond between them indicates that their son is going to face the danger. Dadi says yes, they have shared their bond in their souls which is not seen by others by naked. This is not the first time I was seeing this two years ago during Bulbul and Aliya wedding an incident happened like this, but as time prabhit was not with them during their college days as you all know that they hate each other during your wedding arrangement I asked abhi to purchase some materials from the market and send him. After a while Pragya came here for helping us at that time she asked where is abhi I said that I send him out for a work.

She then shouted what you send him out alone, I was shocked to hear a segment from her like this and ask why is there any issues, she said that from morning I am feeling strange that something going to happen to and that was the reason why I am here. I said that nothing will happen to him and turn to see her she was not there. After a while, both came and I was shock to see abhi he has a big bandage in his hand and asked him what happened to you then he say that after buying everything he was about to cross the road at that time a car came at a full speed without seeing it, I stepped down suddenly from my back, she pushed me and I was shocked and fell down in the ground that time my hand gets a cut and starts bleeding she only helped me and we went to hospital doctor says that the cut is so deep and he put 3 stitches and dressed my wound.

After he says I felt that they are connected to each other without knowing themselves and I prayed to God to keep them like this forever. Bulbul and vinai says this their di and jiju same was said by purab and Aliya this their bhai and bhabhi. As it gets late somehow party gets over and other said it is hard for abhigya to handle prabhit after that incident and he is afraid a lot and he is not sleeping also. Abhi asked pragya to make him sleep as he will feel some relaxed. So pragya decide to sing a song to make him sleep. She lays him on bed and sit beside him and started to pat him. And starts to sing and gives humming

Lori Lori Lori
Hearing this abhi comes out the wardrobe after change his night dress and sit near pragya
Chandaniya chup jaana re
oh stars hide away
Chan bhar ko luk jaana re
stop for a while
here without knowing himself he rested his head in her lap

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Let the sleep come
Bitiya meri so jaaye
and my daughter be asleep
Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Let the sleep come
Bitiya meri so jaaye
and my daughter be asleep
Leke godh mein sulaaun
I will make here sleep in my lap
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
and sing lullaby for her entire night
Main lori lori
I will sing lullaby
ho main lori lori
I will sing lullaby
Lori lori lori

She sees both of them slept and abhi slept by keeping his head in her lap. She thinks not to disturb him so she rested her head on the head board and her to doze off…………
Next morning abhi got first and sees how he slept last night and cute smiles formed in his face and sees pragya sleeping and admire her the way she sleeps and he wishes that his family is complete and wishes to remain same till their life. After he moved towards the washroom to freshen up and come back at the same time pragya to got up and with a smile she says good morning Bunty, he to replied good morning bunny she ask him to take care of him and says she will back after freshen up.
She came out of the washroom by wiping her face with towel and says she will bring coffee to him but abhi says not needed now and he wants to talk to her sometime. She says ok and sit opposite to him in couch
ABHI: Thanks for your support
PRAGYA: Thanks for what?
ABHI: For standing beside me and supporting me in front of everyone.
PRAGYA: I already said that I will be for you and with you always.
ABHI: Smiled and said I know, do you trust me as you said that trust is the one thing which built a relation strong.

PRAGYA: Yes, more than me I trust you to be frank I trusted you that you won’t make me to feel that I took a wrong decision to marry you.
ABHI: Do you think I am keeping it.
PRAGYA: Till now you are keeping it and I get a husband in a way what I dream.
ABHI: You have dream about your husband.

PRAGYA: Ya every girl as a wish or dream about her husband and as a girl I too had.
The screen gets freeze at abhi’s excited face as shows he is eagerly wait to listen.
Now it is thanking time for those you are commenting me in you busy works and spending your valuable time in reading this and commenting this and considering me. Many of you are saying to update me regularly but I am sorry for that as it is impossible for me to do because when I think about this my works comes before me and dancing before me and I think that from next week onwards my final semesters will be starting and I am in my final year I need to prepare for my exams one side in another side I have to finish my assignments seminars test and also want to search a good place for me for next 4-6 months to complete my degree.

I am sorry if I disappointed you all and I promise when I get time in between I will update the up comings and I don’t know how is today’s episode please drop your valuable comments and forgive me if it is bored and I make sure I will my best next time till that

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