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At night everyone had their dinner and went to sleep. The next morning as usual Mr Sun entered into the abhigyas bedroom to disturb their sleep, so they got up and get ready themselves and as it was the party day all were busy in making arrangements the whole day went like this and they didn’t have time to sit and chat.
Now it’s evening all are getting ready for the party as abhi planned to announce their marriage officially media people also arrived their abhi was little tensed as he know media will question him in different way and want to answer it with that tensed face he entered the room for getting ready. Pragya noted it and asked him and he says that they have to face the question asked by the media so only he is tensed, pragya says don’t worry about that things as I am with you and will be with you forever hearing this abhi smiled and got some relived and went to change his dress mean while pragya was dressing prabhit and making him ready and she ask bulbul to look after him.

Abhi comes out of the wardrobe seeing him pragya lost somewhere. He came in front of her and waved his hands in front of her and ask what, she says it perfectly suits you he says it is your choice and definitely suits me. She smiled and went to wardrobe to change. Abhi was looking good and cool in black attire (black pant with black full hand t-shirt with v neck and a black blazer over it) it seems as perfect. Abhi thinks how she selected this without knowing me size and this is the first time she did it that too a perfect on suddenly he hears because I am not only your wife and friend to a friend knows everything about her friend he turn back and smiled her and freeze by looking her as she is also wearing a plain black saree without any works in it and it has a broad golden borders and the accessories she wear also suits the attire perfectly. She patted him and ask shall we leave without saying anything he nodded his head yes and they both came down all are waiting for them.

Everyone is happy to see them coming down media person took photos and the party starts their friends are asking them to about their marriage as there are eagerly want to know how this tom and jerry become together. One side media persons are waiting for their interview. So abhi and pragya came forward to stage all are waiting eagerly for them and also wants to know the reason behind the marriage.

Abhi came forward and says welcome everyone who all present her leaving their busy schedule and make your presence in this party and now I am going to introduce my pragya to you all saying this he forward his hand towards her she gently forwarded her hand to him in responding him and make towards the stage and I want to introduce one more person to all he is none other than our son prabhit say this he asked bulbul to bring him to the stage. Everyone was shocked to see him. Abhi say I know that you all were shocked but there is a reason behind this and we will tell that to you all he called robin and ask him to take prabhit to the kid’s area and make him play. One of their friend diya came forward and ask pragya please tell us at least now about your marriage. Pragya smiled and continued their flashback

You all know during our college days I used to visit a home in that home only I saw prabhit sorry muna first that time he was very small baby of 2 or 3 months he is so cute and bubbly and I used to play and spend time with him whenever I go there but after a month it become by routine visit the home daily and spent quality of time with him. By this he too attached me. Meanwhile abhi also visit that home as me and spent his time with him I don’t know this till that day comes as a storm in our life. Saying this she remained silent then abhi continued one day call from that home came I attend and get shocked after ending my call I rushed to that hospital I saw pragya there that also give me another shock that time the in charge came their and said that doctor is calling us. We went inside and doctor said that he is suffer from a heart disease and it his risk for doing operation also as he is to young and he says that he will be alive only for 2 or 3 years only and he need the love of a parent and that may help him to alive for a year or 2. When I asked the in charge about this she said that he came to their home while he was 2 or 3 month and at time she said that you two people was very close to him and he is also attached with you both and what I suggest you is if you both think to save a life means you can take him with you or else it is you wish.

Saying this he went and we both don’t know what to do we entered the room to see him in dilemma and there only we came to known that we are destined together. Yes by seeing us he called us mama and papa hearing those words for him only tears runs from our eyes then only we decided to give our happiness to him till he lives and we get married. Our son is the only happiness for us and our happiness always surrounds him.

After he finishes one person from media asked a question that you both married for a child not for your parents hearing this abhi got angry and said
ABHI: Excuse not a child he is our child do you got it. And one more thing marriage is not the thing that should give happiness to those who get married or to the parents of them it is a thing which brings a happiness to everyone around them. In our marriage the happiness not only lies in bringing happiness to our parents, relation, friends or others it became a great support to a life to live his life and also to fight from the death don’t know whether he will alive till 80s or 90s but till he is alive he feels secured in our arms and at the same time he will not depressed at any moment only the thing is he is benefited and a life is benefited in it.

PERSON: Do you think it is easy to move on in your life without love?
PRAGYA: Apart from love they are many things in life to take a relation to next step. If it leads a way then only love comes to fill that relation. And we to have love in our relation and that love is different which has 99% trust and 1% care yes trust is the major thing in any kind of relation and also I can say that a relation is built by trust only because generally we trust our mother and as a result only we say that if a mother says something it will correct and good to our life as a change keep that trust on a person who is going to be you partner then see how the life changes and without knowing yourself you fall in in love which completes your relation.
PERSON: Which means you both love each other?

ABHI: No we both trust each other and hold our hand to be together it does not matter whether love comes between us or not if its comes as she said that our relation will be filled or else our life will be good and nice. It doesn’t matters whether I love her or she loves me it is whether we are happy and others around us are happy or not. For this I will say sure that we are happy and my family members are also happy.
PERSON: We heard all your friends calling you Tom and Jerry what it means if it is then how it is possible for you both to be together?

PRAGYA: Yes but I don’t know whether they know the meaning fully are not if not let they to hear this. We use to argue for everything and end that with fights and make everyone around us into a mess. But to sure Tom and Jerry is the famous cartoon character as all know but some of them see them as enemies while some of them see them as friends but few will see them as souls of both enemy and friends. Yes they are both enemy and friends they show their enmity only in them not with others and the friendship will also lies within them. They are two pure souls which can’t be separated easily or never be separated and also they can’t live without each other. To be straight Tom is incomplete without Jerry. Jerry is incomplete without Tom and their life will be complete when they are together.

Before another question they feel something strange and they showed it in their facial expression too and without any excuses they both rushed outside all were shocked of their sudden behaviour and they too followed them and outside all were shocked to see the scenario.
The episode ends here………

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